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We love you Ari

and everything you fought for!

Be Strong Miriam we all share our love and support for you Tamar Naomi Yakir Natan & little LexiePoo

We love you Ari

and everything you fought for!

Be Strong Miriam we all share our love and support for you Tamar Naomi Yakir Natan & little LexiePoo

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Memories Of Ari Fuld
A hero lived amongst us

Ari Fuld z"l

Our friend and strong Lion voice of Judea rests in the hills of Judea that he loved so much. It is now up to all of us to keep his voice of truth alive to continue impacting the world. He might be in heaven, but his message of truth will live on in all of us.

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Ari selflessly raised money to improve the lives of the soldiers. He dedicated his life to fight for Israel on the ground and in the cyber world. He leaves behind a wife & 4 small children, any support would be blessed.
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Becky Brown Wrote on on October 31, 2018 10:07:

I just looked at the Jerusalem post after a few months of being here and nonstop busy working with tourist groups, and found an article about my friend Ari. I’m in shock that he’s no longer with us. I followed him online for over a year then spoke with him in March for about an hour. Our ideals and thoughts on Israel and the world were the same. I am Mormon and he is Jewish. He was going to speak to one of my tourist groups from the USA and show us his idf friends grave and talk to us what it means to be Jewish- he was excited- said he’d never spoken to an LDS/Mormon group. A lady in my group that trip had stage 4 cancer and couldn’t do much so we had to adjust the schedule to accommodate her needs and postpone our meeting with Ari. I’ll forever be sad we postponed, but I know I’ll see him again one day. He was such a bright spirit, so full of life and love. He loved everyone, no matter who they were, and stared adversity in the face and fought until his last breath. He will forever be my hero! -Becky Brown, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Jessica Vinokur Wrote on on October 22, 2018 22:12:

“They will lose because we are so thirsty for life and they are so thirsty for death” - Ari Fuld, z”l.

It’s been just over a month and I haven’t been able to stop thinking of Rabbi Ari Fuld. Over the last few weeks, I have found myself dangling between being heartbroken, devestated, uplifted, connected and inspired.

Distracted by the thousands of posts, stories and memories that are STILL circulating and highlighting the tzaddik of a human that I had the privilege of teaching me throughout my gap year. I don’t usually share what I write down on Facebook, but so many times when I messaged Rabbi Fuld after a terrorist attack, where he indulged my frustration and pain from thousands of miles away he would say “share it with the world, they need to understand the truth and authentic cries behind what is going on”. So I’m sharing my pain for him. In his zchut.

I’ll never forget my first personal interaction with Rabbi Fuld. A few weeks into my seminary year he noticed I wasn’t myself, came up to me after class and asked if there was anything I needed. I told him I was feeling really homesick and settling into israel was taking longer than I anticipated. Before giving me his wife’s number, to call if I needed anything and genuine advice and deep conversation for over an hour, he looked at me, throwing his hands in the air saying “homesick? But you are home?”.

Arriving from South Africa for my gap year in Israel I was naive to the relationship with the holy land that I was about to build. The love for the country that I was about to develop. The history that belonged to my homeland that I was going to make my own. Yet that’s all become part of who I am so many years later- so much of it because of Rabbi Fuld. From his lessons in sem where he forced me to not just stand up for israel, but to represent it as my own. To encouraging me to constantly be learning more and engage unapologetically for what I believe in. Inspiring me with his love for the people, land and Torah of Israel. Empowering his students with his strength and knowledge. To the conversations where I called him half way across the world, confused and heartbroken over what was happening that didn’t seem fair in Eretz Yisrael. Asking him to explain that which I didn’t understand or know. Matters like THIS that he always assured me is what I have to keep standing up and fighting for. No matter where I am in the world.

When I arrive in Israel, and get that feeling in my heart and soul that I am home, my commitment and passion to connecting young yidden to yiddishkeit and israel, my love for torat yisrael, eretz yisrael and am yisrael, there is a huge part of it that I owe to his fiery passion in our many classes and conversations over the years. I have found myself going through our conversations and reliving his unapologetic and wild thoughts,trying to hold onto his wisdom and dedication, hoping it will allow it to make more sense for me, make it feel more real or easier. Conversations where he helped me understand the complexity of politics in Israel, comforted and uplifted me when I messaged him after terrorist attacks expressing my pain and anger, empowering me in helping me understand what I could do thousands of miles away, almost always gently reminding me that he was waiting for me to come home, and his promise that his family would host my first shabbas there when I did.

I’ve indulged every article, post and video that is circulating around him because I just could never have imagined that the giant of a human, whose personality and presence was larger than life, who would laugh as I greeted him with my South African accent in pronouncing “Rabbi”, let out an “Oiy Tatte” when speaking about that which pained him or his beloved Eretz Yisrael be the victim of terrorism. I watched his funeral with tears streaming down my face, feeling honored that I knew him and heartbroken that this was his family burying a victim of terror. Perhaps, for the first time I knew someone on a personal level that was murdered by a terrorist and it was so painful. Genuinely heartbreaking because this was a man who stood for what so many of us are so afraid to.

This discomfort and newfound sensitivity to reporting of terrorist attacks and senseless murders has begun to sketch for me a new relationship to the holy land, to my brothers and sisters, to my yiddishkeit; tugging at strings in my heart that were created just a few weeks ago.

Rabbi Ari Fuld lived a hero that fought for Israel and the Jewish people without apologizing or holding back. Six years since since my gap year and he is still roaring in my head, teaching me lessons and igniting sparks of Zionism and Yiddishkeit, pushing me to broaden my comfort zones and confront the conversations that are difficult, understand the dynamics that are complex and stand up for what I believe in. He stood up for the truth and that’s what embodied his existence.

Jessica Vinokur
Johannesburg, South Africa

rabbi yaakov lomner Wrote on on October 18, 2018 00:13:



Raizel Prottas Wrote on on October 10, 2018 08:54:


Dear Mrs. Fuld and Children,

Your Ari was a true “Aryeh Yehudah” - a noble and fearless leader of Klal Yisroel, and dugmeh chaya for us all. But rather than saying “was,” far more fitting would be “is,” for Ari’s legacy keeps him alive; his courage and care for others, passion and positive influence continue to reach exponentially further, and illuminate the lives of countless individuals. “Matzdikei harabim k’kochavim l’olam va’ed - Those who bring the multitudes to righteousness (will shine) like the stars forever and ever.” (Daniel 12:3) Ari’s call, his roar, will never be silenced by time or change. Also, one cannot neglect to recognize that you - his cherished family - are inspirations each in your own right. Your faith and fortitude, and refusal to succumb to terror, give Chizuk to us privileged to know you.

I am so sorry for your indescribable loss. Though we cannot presume to know the greatness of your pain, please remember that we - Klal Yisroel - share it with you, and love, support and pray for you on your journey. Please accept my sincerest blessings for comfort, strength, healing, clarity and hope in this difficult time. May we merit the Geulah Sheleima very soon, when Hashem will wipe the tears from our faces in His Divine Embrace; when we’ll see Tziyon and the Beis Hamikdash restored to their former glory; and when the Jewish People are reunited forevermore with our loved ones. And who knows - perhaps Ari will be helping lead the way to Yerushalayim!

המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

Zvi Friedman Wrote on on October 09, 2018 12:11:
I was a friend of Ari. HYD.
We worked together on the Sderot Gaza border.
I need to speak with someone from the family.
Please contact me.

rabbi yaakov lomner Wrote on on October 08, 2018 16:32:
PLEASE SEND ME THE INFO. THAT WE NEED for sending the check to
thank you

rabbi yaakov lomner Wrote on on October 08, 2018 16:29:
can you please send me an address where we can send a check for the family
we have a beginners minyan for older Russian immigrants.Our yom kipper appeal was for ari's family
also we would like to have a tax exempt org to make out the check
the family should only have simchos from now on
HKBH should please give ERETZ YISROEL SHOLOM

Allan Richter Wrote on on October 04, 2018 18:01:

The Rabbi at my shul allowed me to make a few comments before his sermon on Yom Kippur. This is what our congregation heard:

Over the past few days I’ve been watching videos of Ari Fuld doing what he did so extraordinarily well: advocate for Israel. In one video, he challenges two members of an NGO called TIPH, Temporary International Presence in Hebron, which reports to the UN, to see if they have a sense at all about Jewish ties to Hebron. The TIPH observers proclaim their neutrality to Ari until one reveals his bias by calling Hebron, the burial place of our patriarchs and matriarchs and the city where Jews have lived for thousands of years, Palestinian territory under Israeli control.

Ari points toward the Cave of Machpela and asks the TIPH observers how it is that Jews are the occupiers if a mosque was built on top of a structure built by King Herod for the Jews. Good question.

Ari’s videos and podcasts, whether of his tours of Hebron and Jerusalem, Torah lessons from his table or goodwill visits to the IDF, are full of passion and always enlightened. In the video with TIPH, you learn how to confront someone, and how to do so bravely. When one TIPH observer—almost a head taller than Ari—takes a step toward him, Ari does not budge.

I never met Ari Fuld, but I felt I knew him. I’ve been inspired by his videos and podcasts for a long time now. I reacted to his murder this weekend with the same shock and heartbreak I felt on a Saturday night in 1995 when, walking in lower Manhattan with my wife, we passed a newsstand, looked down at the headline of the next day’s New York Times and learned that Yitzhak Rabin had been assassinated. Yes, Ari Fuld was that vital. Ari Fuld died as heroically as he lived; Ari chased after the Arab terrorist that had stabbed him in the back, managed to shoot him and prevented other deaths before he collapsed.

The torrent of tears from the Israel advocacy community is testimony that Ari’s name and legacy will long outlast Israel’s current enemies. “Be an Ari Fuld,” his friends are exhorting on social media. What they mean is: live to your full purpose, go farther than you think you can, be the best you can be, and support the Jewish people and the State of Israel with all your heart.

We are blessed to belong to a shul and Jewish community center with a brave spiritual leader, this Chai Center, where we have the nourishment and freedom to be an Ari Fuld. This Hebrew school year we are reviving a program in which the students write letters of gratitude to people who support Israel and defy calls to boycott her. The letter-writing teaches them to help change the biased narrative about Israel, and supports values they can use their entire lives. Parents, please support your children in this effort; in fact, please join them as they begin to learn to be an Ari Fuld. In this New Year, let us all do a little more so that each of us, too, can be an Ari Fuld.

Good Yom Tov.

Gad Abadi Wrote on on October 04, 2018 01:08:
I'm from Mexico City, I used watched Ari at any opportunity, through Facebook or listen to him through his podcast or his program in ILTV, almost daily, at least 4 times a week, I really feel like I knew him personally.... which would have been such a pleasure...
May he ask Hashem to watch over his family and Am Israel. May Hashem send his family comfort and bless them.
And may his memory be a blessing.

Steve Benin and Family Wrote on on October 03, 2018 16:40:

Benin family Wrote on on October 03, 2018 16:39:

Wrote on on October 03, 2018 16:19:

Rav Yonah,
I join with the millions of others who wish they could have been to the Shiva to offer condolences personally. I was at the levaya along with a bus load of Torat Shraga students but my responsibilities to them did not permit me to get to see you then either. I did have the zechut of hosting your nephew Chaim Weinstein that night who stayed back to mourn with the family.
What can I write that hasn't already been written?
Although I know you a long time and your older sons even longer, I did not really know Ari Hyd personally. I was one of his many admirers from a far (and of Hillel's) peering through the windows of social media. Through his brutal murder, Am Yisrael is beginning to awaken from its slumber and millions have gotten a glimpse of the greatness of Ari Hyd and yebadel lchaim arukhim the rest of the Fuld family.
My brother, Hillel Olshin, was a classmate of Ari's in MTA and he recalled two particular memories that seem to capture him. The first as you referred to in your hesped that Ari would consistently defend Israel and zionism like a lion when arguments were raised by Rabbi Mayer Schiller in class while everyone else was overmatched or brain dead. Second was that Ari dressed up as the MTA lion/mascot at the basketball games and got the fan base going. I'm not sure they got the irony at the time that the lion of Zion was underneath the lion costume.
I also spoke about Ari Hyd at the pre-yizkor drasha yesterday at Yeshivat Torat Shraga. I mentioned that Rebbe Nachman zy"a taught us that גם מאחורי הדברים הקשים אני עומד. That behind all the most difficult things Hashem is standing there. However, it is more difficult for us who must stand at the front of those difficult things. They make no sense to us. G-d has clarity and we do not. And yet we are still here and committed to You. ובכל זאת שמך לא שכחנו. In essence we are Standing Together like the organization that Ari Hyd led. We at the front of the tragedy and Hashem from behind the scenes.
This is the lesson that your family and Ari's family are modeling for the rest of us.
You should know no more sorrow.
המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים.
With tears and deep respect,
Michael Olshin

Heshie Billet Wrote on on October 03, 2018 12:20:

On 3 Oct 2018
Dear Mary and Yonah:

With broken hearts, we joined with many thousands of Jews all over the world to watch, and to take part in the funeral of Ari. Our Israeli kids and grandkids were at the funeral. There were beautiful and eloquent words said at the funeral.

We knew Ari from numerous different aspects of his life. Our sons remember him when he was a student at Yeshivat haKotel and they were high school boys in Horev on our Sabbatical year. Ari was the karate instructor of several of our grandsons, the baseball coach of another; his daughter was a classmate of our granddaughter; we met him and his wife when they were on vacation in Florida; we met from time to time in various locations in Gush Etzion, and he spoke several times in our community on behalf of Standing Together or Standing with Israel. He spoke in our synagogue and blew the people away with his passion and his articulate presentation. He spoke at Rookie's school in 2016 and she remembers his charisma and his lively personality, and how the students flocked around him at the end of his talk and couldn't get enough of him, his love of Israel,of the Torah, and the IDF. Today they held an Azkara for Ari in her school and spoke of his larger than life personality, his dedication, and trying to continue his good works in some small way.

We are הורים שכולים twice. Once for a daughter and once for a granddaughter. We say this not to compare pain. Everyone’s loss and pain is personal. We do understand that the older the young person we lose, the more powerful the memories and the greater the pain.

We, like many in Israel, are survivors of our losses. We never forget. But our life goes on, and gratefully, we have many things to enjoy and appreciate in our family. I (Heshie) once suggested the following חידוש about the saying : ‏צרות רבים חצי נחמה. The question is how could the pain of others be half of comfort? I get no joy from the suffering of others and I get no relief for my suffering from their suffering!

In the course of our suffering we met many people who also had experienced devastating losses. About some of them we had no idea. The people were normal, family people who live their lives with joy and normalcy. It was a shock to us that they had experienced a terrible tragedy in their lives.
We got comfort from them. Not from their suffering! We got comfort from their recovery. We said--if they could do it, we could do it, and that is what the saying:‏צרות רבים חצי נחמה
means. It means that what you take away from the recovery of others who experience tragedy is half a comfort. Their recovery tells you that you can get there as well. And we know that both of you know that you must get there. There are too many people who need you. You have your children and your grandchildren who all desperately need healthy, emotionally sound grandparents.

We also received a lot of comfort from the essay of the Rov. We are certain that you were familiar with ‏קול דודי דופק. It is his introduction which is most significant. He talks about why the good suffer. He proposes no explanation. But he says asking “why”is asking the wrong question. There is no explanation . And you sink with the question. So a healthy person, a person of destiny changes the question. The new question is “how do we continue”? How do we give meaning to the life of the person we lost, and how do we give meaning to our lives and the lives of all who depend upon us? This kind of thinking helped us immeasurably!

We can go on and on. Perhaps you will see this. You will receive thousands of notes and letters from people. This is our small contribution. We are coming to Israel for Sukkot. We will call you. We have a lot of thoughts to share if you want to hear anything from us. Just chizku v'imstu! ‏המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שער אבלי ציון וירושלים ולא תוסיפו לדאוה עוד .

With great respect,

Rookie and Heshie Billet

Hindee Rosner Wrote on on October 03, 2018 12:02:

Dear Fuld Family,
We always think of you as we decorate our סוכה here in New York. We lovingly remember all our wonderful meals over סוכות with you and your family-a different one each year.
Our hearts are now broken with yours. Ari ה׳ יקום דמו was a hero, a real life superhero, in every sense of the word! A hero in his actions, in his conduct, in his awareness and his devotion. Ari represented everything Jonathan and I teach our children to be. We hope our children will live as Ari did, with an unwavering commitment, without compromising their beliefs and values.

As we decorate with the sign seen above, made by someone here as a fund raiser for the Ari Fuld Memorial Fund, we remember our סוכות meals, we remember Ari in every video, every newscast, every message and every picture. We remember what Ari has accomplished and we commit to make sure his legacy lives on forever!

May ה׳ keep you strong and allow you to find נחמה in all the wonderful memories. We are thinking of you always!

המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

With love and best wishes,

Hindee and Jonathan Rosner

Chai- Simee- Barak-Max-Aitan-Ruthee-Yair

Jack Schroeder Wrote on on October 03, 2018 02:17:
Ari is still a great inspiration in my life. I wish I could have met him. Having his Beautiful Family and Friends continue to share their lives with all of us onlookers from around the world is a Blessing.
תודה רבה לך

Naomi Burnham Wrote on on October 02, 2018 18:18:

There are few people in our hectic lives who succeed in leaving a lasting mark - long after you stop seeing them regularly. Ari was one of these special people. He taught my son tora-dojo in Beit Shemesh, approximately twelve years ago. My son had been going through a hard time - he’d been bullied at school, and had suffered a trauma a year earlier that left him with ptsd. Ari was a tremendous help, he spoke to my son after class, he boosted his self-esteem and he helped him find his inner strength. Ari only taught him for a year, but the impact from those lessons are still evident today. My son is a fitness instructor now (while studying in college), he loves helping people feel stronger and more confident - I’m sure that Ari had a lot to do with his desire to help people that way.
I’m so very sorry for your loss, he touched so many people’s lives, and that will always live on.

Yehuda Stone Wrote on on October 02, 2018 16:39:

I remember when I was in yeshiva, A guest speaker once said that some people can be like trees.
You never truely know how great they are or how tall they stood until they fall.
I've seen many stories posted about Ari Fuld and am not surprised in the least by how great of a man he was.
I too would like to share a small piece of how I saw Ari and what he meant to me.

I have alot of memories of Ari, I remember when efrat put together a little summer camp for Olim chadashim in 2007 and Ari came to demonstrate breaking bricks and having sticks broken on him.
I remember asking my dad to ask around for his number so I could learn to do that.
I remember my first lesson when Ari show'd me one move. A block, nothing fancy but a simple move that he told me to go to the side and practice over and over again.
The next few lessons were the same, Ari made sure you knew the basics before he let you do anything else.
I remember at the time being impatient and asking my dad how I'm supposed to learn anything if I'm just doing the same thing over and over again.
He told me that to trust Ari and if I keep showing up and putting in the time I will get the results I'm looking for.
As time went on my form improved, Ari would send other students over to the side to work with me on form.
On occasion Ari would come over and make small corrections and then tell me to continue. I remember it taking months and months until I was up to speed with the class and participating in almost everything.
But once I was there it was amazing.
Ari ground us to the bone with his warmups/workouts and then with intense stretching, followed by more slowly working in form holding difficult stances for long times. I still remember him telling me over and over "If your Backstance is comfortable, you're doing it wrong".
In Ari's class you never knew what to expect, sometimes the entire class would be forms or katas, sometimes it would be mainly sparring, on special occasions we would all sit and he would walk us through deep meditation or a session of chi-gong.
Whenever we would work on fighting/sparring Ari told us stories from his past, or of time he spent with (Sifu) Chaim sober.
It was frequent that he would talk about Torah and judiasm in his class.
In 8th grade and being unhappy with making Aliyah for me alot of religion didn't make sense and yet somehow when he explained it, everything did make sense.
Ari didn't coddle anyone in his class, he expected hard work and for his students to push to learn more as apposed to expect to be spoonfed. He didn't tell people to work on what they were good at, he would give them grueling exercises to work on what was weak.
I remember being afraid of being hit in sparring. Ari put me against a wall and said "you're going to get hit, if you stop being scared you'll get hit less" and spent about 20 minutes smacking the crap out of me. But then and there I learned when there's nowhere to run, you do your best and accept that some hits and do your best.
One day Ari walked into class and said "None of you know how to fight, in sparring we pull our punches. In a fight you don't. Yehuda come here and try to hurt me, if you hold back it's because you think I'm weak and I will take offense"
Honestly I was beyond scared because I didn't think I had a shot in hell of hurting him or even getting close to landing a proper hit. But nowhere to run so I accepted I was probably going to get hit.
I used a trick I learned from a friend, Ifaked a punch and went for a low kick with my full bodyweight behind it.
And to my surprise it hit perfectly.
Ari didn't even flinch, he just raised an eyebrow because he hadn't taught me low kicks. I did the same move again and again landed the kick and Ari didn't even blink. I wound up like I was going to do the same kick a third time but then when Ari blocked down I swung my leg the other direction and up for an outside kick.
I managed to just barely graze Ari's chin.
Ari smiled and said "Hmm, good!" and then returned a low kick.
I raised my leg and flexed as Ari taught ad to do to absorb the kick best I could.
I put my foot down to get back into stance and just collapsed. My leg was dead after a receiving a kick like that. I couldn't even stand for a few minutes after that. But I can honestly say I didn't feel much pain.
My total focus was on the pride of getting that smile from Ari after grazing his chin and that he respected me enough to kick me with that much force.
It meant I wasnt a child coming to learn martial arts.
It meant I was a student who could handle the lessons and take the blows.
I spent I think an entire week smiling from that.
I could go on with more stories.
Almost three years of studying martial arts with Ari has blessed me with plenty of those.
But thats one story that always stood out for me.
The lessons I learned in that class about how nothing worthwhile comes easy, how progress is bought with blood, sweat and tears have been some of the most important lessons I've learned so far in my life.
His lessons gave me a work ethic and professionalism that guided me through the army.
Ari taught us to defend ourselves and in the process also taught us so so much more.

Not to mention the work he did for my unit to help us raise money for donations.
Not to mention that half my Facebook feed was pictures of various friends of mine with him giving them donations they so very much needed.
Not to mention the divray Torah he shared.
Not to mention the verbal battles he engaged fimself in to defend judiasm and Israel.
Not to mention the time and work he put into the kitat connenute to defend our homes in efrat.
Not to mention the time, and energy he put into your reserves duty to defend all the homes of Israel.

He talked the talk and walked the walk.
A man who lead by example and never asked for anything in return.
But did it all because he believed in the Jewish cause.

His memory shall forever be a blessing.

Jane Fairchild Wrote on on October 02, 2018 15:35:

Miriam you were such a beautiful couple. You can tell that you both loved each other so very much. When I look upon this picture I literally see 'when the two in marriage become one' - I see this between you Miriam and Ari.
I am so sorry, so very very sorry sweet wife of Ari, Miriam. If I could I would have gladly had my life taken instead of Ari. I am so sorry.
My tears fall every time I look upon the two of you
Miriam if you ever travel to USA (my husband Mark, and my son, Emad (He grew up in Egypt) and our two dogs, you are more than welcome to come and stay with us in our home. Always. We live about 150 miles west of Chicago, and 150 miles east of St. Louis. You will always be invited to stay with us for 'free' as our honored guest. On one condition that I have the honor to wash your feet to greet you into our home. All I can say is 'my tears' fall every time I see the picture of you, Mariam, your children, and your beloved Ari... I am so sorry.
I learned from the teachings of Ari. I was drawn to these teachings and wanted to learn more and more.
And now my tears fall even harder this moment.
From Normal, Illinois USA

Rachel Loecher Woolf Wrote on on October 02, 2018 15:28:

Ari you came from a family of boys. When you married Miriam you got a few more brothers and a whole bunch of sisters. From the first moment you fit right in with all us crazies. Even though we go from loud, louder and loudest you were always heard. At family gatherings we would whip out the jump rope and you would show us how it’s done properly by doing push-ups while the jump rope swung around. On Yom haatzmaut I think you were the most excited person on the beach watching the fly over. You were by far the strongest person I knew, the most gentle sole and for any religious question I had you always gave me an in-depth answer.
As Miriam said she promises to look after the kids and we promise to look after Miriam (and the kids) family is family is family.

Hannah Seward Wrote on on October 02, 2018 12:00:

I had gotten to know Ari through his videos. I was bedridden most of 2017 and was recovering from my 17th surgery when I came across his videos. I knew instantly people needed to hear this man speak. One night he was heading to the wailing wall and I asked him to pray for my brother Samuel who was 10 when a car hit him leaving him wheelchair bound with a traumatic brain injury. Of course he did this which literally meant so so much to my family, my brother and myself. He mentioned his US tour in the fall and I told him come to Minnesota. People here needed to hear his words his passion for Israel and her people. I had contacted several groups and was looking into 1 of 2 locations I had in mind. I want you to know what Ari gave us was Israel. The good, the bad and the truth. He never aktered it in any way He showed us how it really is. What bigger gift can there be? For those like myself which travel wasn't an option he brought Israel to us. It's such a beautiful thing to have seen, to know your family shared Ari with ours. He was undoubtedly a servant of HaShem. I asked him if there was anything specific that I can pray for him? And he wrote
For me? Wisdom snd success in speaking the right words to reach people's hearts.
I prayed for Him like he prayed for my brother, even though I knew he was already successful in reaching so many hearts.
Thank you Ari Fuld

Ben Heed Wrote on on October 02, 2018 02:36:
My typos are obvious, and I Apologize ❤

Been Heed Wrote on on October 02, 2018 02:34:

I don't know if this went thru the first time or not.
I began Flowing Ari's Blogs. I decided to message him, introduce myself and tell him how much I liked them.
Afterwards, I would Message him again, and we began sharing. Our mutual live For Israel, and like minded views, our Experiences in Martial Arts, having both taught children, started to build what became a wonderful friendship.
We "Checked In" (As Ari Always PutIt) with each other often..He had a Great Sense of Humor, which I too have..Many serious talks, exchanges, but also Many Laughs along the way.
Ari stood up for what he believed in, not afraid to take people on...I am the Same Way. One lesson that I learned was Stand up and Never Back down for what you believe in..
I am not Jewish, but consider myself "Jewish by Association" based on the company I Keep My Love for Israel knows no limits.
I lost a Dear Friend on September 16, 3018. While I know he's at Rest..the Hurt is still there. I have become outspoken for Israel, and I owe that to my Friend Ari. He set an example that I follow..that we all must follow.."Stand Up..Never Back Down".
"Rest in Peace, Dear Friend.
You are Truly Loved and So Greatly Missed
"We Will Laugh Together Again"

v Wrote on on October 02, 2018 01:12:

This is what I wrote about Ari the first time we met a few years ago (below). Since then we met each time he came to NYC. As he said I’m the first he calls as we need more people like me... I never understood what he means so I joked, more who can help you with which train to take in NYC (he usually messed it up).

We talked almost weekly.

Then we had a fantastic event together last year where we raised 6K to raise for lone soldiers and he never ever earned a dime from these events!!!!

I’ve learnt so much from him and I think he always knew that the risk by doing what he is doing is always there! But he was unstoppable and yet he kept on telling me I was awesome. So we had this game.... that he would tell me that and I'd refuse it and assure him that he was the awesome and the read deal between us. But he would go on so I would just give in and say: okay we both are awesome and we laugh....this is the person he he really was!!!!

You are the first person I lose in this battle and I’m shaken to my core. Knowing that a 17-year-old murdered you and took you away from you family is killing me on so many levels.

The only thing I wish now is that I could afford to get on a plane and make it to your funeral. To honor you in the best way I can.

But then again honoring you the best way maybe means... never give up the fight!!!

Here how you made me feel the first time we met...

“This man is just so powerful. It takes 5 min to understand that he went through a lot. And when I mean a LOT, it is not my "ballet world was so competitive, I got hurt" kind of lot.

We agreed that he is not normal. Then we agreed that I'm not normal either. But how could he be normal? How could any of us - who fight against all odds day after day - be normal?

Of course, I can't compare us. I just embarked on this journey, he has been in (and on) the field for decades. But the fight is similar...just on different levels.

And I still don't believe that any articles, fliers, charity events can change perceptions, alter stereotypes, and work as a pro-Israel advocacy. But I BELIEVE that there are certain people who can change people and change things. Those are the people who are volunteering their LIVES to make a change. The ones who go and dirty their hands with actual work. The ones who would do the work even if nobody knew their names.

Ari Fuld is one of these people. I do believe that by meeting him you would understand why the legitimacy of Israel should never be questioned.

It was a privilege to meet you, Ari, and I wish that you never get tired of fighting and educating!”

And he never did...

Tali and Daniel Tarlow Wrote on on October 01, 2018 22:15:

Daniel was in HaKotel with Ari, and I was with him in Bar Ilan briefly. Being a neighbor and chatting with Ari at local events at the Gush felt natural and like a homecoming. Ari's dedication to Truth, and his dedication to Torah, Eretz and Am Yisrael was inspiring beyond words. Our family has taken on learning on motzei shabbat in his memory, and with a hope that he will continue to inspire us to be better people, Jews and Israeli's. We are so devastated for your loss and send you the most heartfelt condolences!

Pacia Wrote on on October 01, 2018 21:59:
I think of Ari and his family everyday. Ari made such an impact on my life in such a short period of time. Some peace comes out of the sadness knowing his wife that is one with him along with his children are still here with us.

Ms Alison Farrer Wrote on on October 01, 2018 21:44:
My heart goes out to the family - Ari shared an amazing Truth and a fierce Joy. He inspired and ignited people's hope for the future of Israel. His love of The Land was raw and passionate and I will miss him so much. I never met him - always planned to - maybe one day. Miriam, you are also inspiring - the whole family - in your strength and dignity. We are all Ari - we will never forget xx

Henchy Held Wrote on on October 01, 2018 21:36:
Dear family: Words cannot describe my pain of Ari's z"l loss. No, unfortunately I never met him. I feel it's an unimaginable loss for your family and for Am Yisroel. I 'followed' him together with thousands of others and felt there was someone who was speaking up for the Jewish nation and it's people.
המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שער אבלי ציון וירושלים

Henchy Held Wrote on on October 01, 2018 21:35:
Dear family: Words cannot describe my pain of Ari's z"l loss. No, unfortunately I never met him. I feel it's an unimaginable loss for your family and for Am Yisroel. I 'followed' him together with thousands of others and felt there was someone who was speaking up for the Jewish nation and it's people.
המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שער אבלי ציון וירושלים

Henchy Held Wrote on on October 01, 2018 21:35:
Dear family: Words cannot describe my pain of Ari's z"l loss. No, unfortunately I never met him. I feel it's an unimaginable loss for your family and for Am Yisroel. I 'followed' him together with thousands of others and felt there was someone who was speaking up for the Jewish nation and it's people.
המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שער אבלי ציון וירושלים

Rashi Rosenzweig Wrote on on October 01, 2018 21:13:

Hi Miriam:
No. We never met. Yet I go back about 30 years or so with the Fulds. I remember Ari when he was just a teen. Moshe & I were in classes together in Queens College. We used to cram for exams at their home in Hillcrest while raiding your MIL's fridge. She didn't mind. :) Dani & I worked together at Bais Ezra. Hillel -- everyone with the internet knows Hillel. The only Fuld I never met was Eitan. I guess he was very young before they went on aliya. R'David (we were in the same shul) was my son Motti's mohel and R'Michoel Z"L sold my wife my atarah before we married and he was a great sofer. My family and I have been living in Ra'anana for 20 years and being a proud big mouthed religious Zionist myself, I simply adored the way Ari had this "in your face" attitude about loving Israel and Jews. He didn't only preach to the choir, yet he preached to the people who very much needed to be preached to. He made dents in people and opened their eyes to a reality that was pretty much foreign to them. What's even more significant, Ari left a huge, deep imprint on this world that will remain forever. It's a mark that was so important to leave, that many other people did not dare try to make due to a silly notion of fear. Ari was fearless and simply didn't care. Yet, after a debate or confrontation with Jews on the left, no matter how far left they were, he let them know that he respected them as Jews,

I have no more words Miriam, only a heart full of emotions still with a feeling of numbness and disbelief, yet I cannot even imagine what your family is going through. I have seen your pictures after Yom Kippur and I am totally in awe about the strength you, your beautiful children, Ari's parents and brothers are displaying.

GD Bless Miriam. Klal Yisrael always has your back and the strength of Ari lasts forever.

Rashi Rosenzweig

Kirsti Fin Wrote on on October 01, 2018 21:07:
First I didn't have words, only a painful broken heart. Each day since, I listen to Ari's videos, and I m learning so much. Sometimes I have to pause and dry tears, each time I feel more connected to hashem and eretz Israel then before. Ari taught through one of his videos that it is all about living, not about succumbing to the pain. His message woke me up. Only hearing and knowing his message through social media, I hope you his loved ones are carried and deeply loved through these times.

David G. Cohen Wrote on on October 01, 2018 20:19:

It is hard to find the right words to say how it feels without Ari in our life’s. If anyone questions how loved he was by the Jewish people and Hashem, think of this.
Hashem gaveAri the chance to perform one last mitzvah before He passed.
By all rights, Ari should have succumb to his injuries and not have been able to save the lives of those around him. Through Ari, Hashem showed us a miracle that day.
No one can person can be like Ari, but we can all be inspired by him. We can find the courage of the Lion in each of us to make this world a better place. Just as Ari has done.

Miguel Sayman Wrote on on October 01, 2018 19:58:
I am sorry for your loss, he was my friend and always remember him. The tragical day I cried , I couldn’t believe was true, he will be in my heart forever..Z”L

Merle Wrote on on September 30, 2018 21:14:

What an inspiration Ari was...actually..he still is!
I loved seeing his videos pop up on my FB page. I’d stop whatever I was doing and listen to his wise and passionate stories, his interactions with and pride in our beautiful soldiers and his uncompromising Zionist spirit. I’m a FB warrior for Israel and I’ve been “jailed” several times. I’ll never forget telling Ari that I was in FB jail. His response was, “Welcome to the club!”

I’m so proud to have been in the same “club” as the Lion of Zion.

carolina k Wrote on on September 30, 2018 19:39:

im from argentina and last year i went to jerusalem for about 2 months. one night he took me and my friend on a night tour through jerusalem, with his car. he picked us up, i didnt understand the aim of such motivation with 2 strangers. we went to the kotel, and around the old city for hours. everything uninterestedly. i was shocked. he was so happy, he explained us every step we were taking. he posted videos on fb from time to time showing the greatness of our land. what a brave man. no fear. so generous. thanks so much.

Sara Shor Wassner Wrote on on September 30, 2018 19:11:

I followed Ari HY”D on FB for years. Looked forward to his Thursday night Jerusalem walkabouts and Friday Grill and Torah. Loved watching him on Frenemies; always a gentleman yet fierce as a lion when it came to the truthful narrative about ????????. When I lost my son last year, Ari reached out to comfort. I knew he was a great man before the entire world now knows. The ????lost a bright ????two weeks ago, today. May Hashem comfort you as only He can. Hugs and love from Rockland County, New York

linda versil Wrote on on September 30, 2018 18:09:
When I wrote to Ari that my son and daughterin law with master degrees and 2 babies made Aliyah and living in Jerusalem and work menial jobs and can't afford rent or food, Ari repiled " send me their resumes, I know lots of people and I will get them good jobs" Ari didn't even know them and was willing to get them good jobs, Also when they were having trouble communicating at the post office Ari said, " next time I will go with them" selfless

Emsie Meyer Wrote on on September 30, 2018 18:00:

It is yet again Sunday ..and again I remember the shock on finding out that Ari was murdered! How could it could it happen to Ari who meant so much to you Miriam and children and all of us who grew to love and support this Lion of a man?. Aru brought us all together globally to stand strong for and with Yisrael. He taught us all never to give up fighting for truth. Ari was an encourager to all of us via messenger snd fb. Just a few days before he messaged me to Come Home....Miriam and heart is with you. My sincere condolences. Thank you that you share him with us. Larger than life. He will live on in you and we will keep his voice slive. Blessings. Emsie Meyer

Emsie Meyer Wrote on on September 30, 2018 17:59:

It is yet again Sunday ..and again I remember the shock on finding out that Ari was murdered! How could it could it happen to Ari who meant so much to you Miriam and children and all of us who grew to love and support this Lion of a man?. Aru brought us all together globally to stand strong for and with Yisrael. He taught us all never to give up fighting for truth. Ari was an encourager to all of us via messenger snd fb. Just a few days before he messaged me to Come Home....Miriam and heart is with you. My sincere condolences. Thank you that you share him with us. Larger than life. He will live on in you and we will keep his voice slive. Blessings. Emsie Meyer

Emanuel Rosen Wrote on on September 28, 2018 16:14:
Please accept my condolences.

Anonymous Wrote on on September 27, 2018 21:20:

I have a few memories with Ari from my year in Israel at Netiv Aryeh:

We went paintballing on a tiyul to Eliat, Ari was not afraid to run out into the middle of the field and get shot by paintballs while all the yeshiva boys were hiding out. Those lousy paintballs were nothing compared to the real bullets that he was used to that flew by in the real battlefield.

I took a self-defense course in the old city with Ari for a few weeks. He was not afraid of anything. />
Ari once told a story, in battle a Tanach in his pocket saved his life by stopping a piece of shrapnel that ripped right through his uniform at his chest by his heart.

One of my close friends learned with him every day. He was scared to give him five or shake his hand because Ari would crush it. He called him a GI Joe.

Christine Pemberton Wrote on on September 27, 2018 05:16:

Ari truly had the heart of a lion! I had his news feed set first to see everyday. His excitement and passion for Israel was contagious! I absolutely believe in Israel and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I loved waking up every morning for a full report of anything going on in Israel. I knew I could count on him to deliver the news honest and straightforward! I have always believed the Temple Mount belongs to Israel and to see someone else so passionate about it was such a blessing! He had such a zest for life! His Torah teachings really made you think.. I was shocked and horrified to wake up one morning and find his friend Avi, reporting the news that he had been killed! It was heartbreaking! Even in his passing, his first thought was to protect others. No greater love has a man than he would lay down his life for a friend! I don't understand why God allowed this to happen,except that, hopefully, the things he stood for will shine brighter because he has inspired so many to stand for the same things! Hopefully, the Temple Mount will return to Israel, and Ari's name will be carried to the top of it! I am so sorry for his family! As much as we will miss him, it has to be nearly unbearable the pain they're going thru! I pray for them the God of Israel bless and keep them and allow his children to grow up with the same passion he had. I pray strength for his wife as she takes on the responsibility of raising their children alone. May God bless her as Sarah and Rebecca. My heart breaks for you. One day I dream of visiting Israel and it would be so amazing to meet this wonderful family! I pray for the day Israel will find peace and these kind of deaths will be no more... We love you all!

Donny Finkel Wrote on on September 26, 2018 20:48:

We lost a true hero. I was a student of Ari's in 2007/2008 during my year in Israel at Netiv Aryeh. Over the course of the year, it was hard not to come to love and respect Ari's passion for Torah and for the land of Israel. He encouraged his students to ask hard questions and learn to think for ourselves. Even if life3 took us away from Israel, Ari wanted us to have a special place in our hearts for it.

I spent a couple shabbasim at his/your home and it was easy to see how much he loved his family/community/country and how clearly he felt his job was to defend them in action as well as rhetoric.

One of the things Rav Bina said about Rav Ari is that he always valued Torah im Eretz, that Israel was/is crucial to the Jewish people but only insofar as we retain and maintain the Torah while inhabiting it.

Hamakom yenacheim eschem bsoch shiur avelei tzion yerushalayim

Hadassah Lewis Wrote on on September 26, 2018 04:31:

Dear Fuld Family,

I am devastated by what happened to Ari. I have been thinking of him every day and feeling the loss of him in the world. I knew Ari growing up in SAR, although he was a few years older than me. I always noticed his spunk and he was always friendly and warm. He was my counselor on achva Israel when I went for the summer, and all of us loved him. He always a was laughing and telling jokes and being fun, but he also knew how to be serious. We all respected him and adored him - from the nerds to the cool kids, he knew how to connect with everyone. He also clearly loved Israel, and imbued that love into us.

Ari was just an amazing human being. Im so deeply sorry for your loss.

I hope that you will be comforted.


Dassi Lewis

Camille Wrote on on September 26, 2018 02:57:

I'm laying in bed it's 3 am. And I can't sleep because I keep thinking of you. I keep thinking of what you must be going through and how strong you and the kids must be to be going through this . I'm laying here sending you so much love and hoping I could take away some of yours and the kids sadness. Remember no matter what time of day it is there is always someone thinking of you around the world sending you strength. May hashem send you so much shefa bracha , happiness (in time ) love and health . May Aris neshama be seated closes to kodesh hakesoahim and protect all of am israel and send moshiach ASAP!!!

Anna Andersen Wrote on on September 25, 2018 23:48:

Dear Family of Ari Fuld,

Greetings and heartfelt condolences from Estonia, Europe.
I am sure that this past week you have been flooded with mail – so I don’t wish to cause any extra stress in any way, and will aim to keep this short.
But I needed to write you.

I’m an American – raised in Europe, currently living in Estonia.
My husband (Swedish) and I are helping pastor a church here.
I was raised a evangelical pastor’s daughter and in our faith – standing up for Israel was incredibly important. A pillar in ones’ walk with God both personally well as as a congregation.
My own parents have the biggest passion for Israel and the Jewish people, they are both Zionists and actually found out recently that my father even has Jewish roots. This was incredible.

Anyway, all this to say – I’ve carried a love for Israel and the Jewish people in my heart my entire life. I’ve been to Israel numerous times and intend to go back as often as possible. We have family living in Israel. I’ve worked for organizations that have taken tourists by the thousands to Israel. I love your country and your people. In my heart they’re also my people.

Now – I found your Ari on social media perhaps a year ago. I followed him because he somehow stuck out from the rest – his heart, humility, knowledge and passion.
And something about the JOY that he did it all with. The way his eyes would sparkle when he would say (in almost every video) ‘Greetings from the beautiful rolling hills of Judea’… Here was a man with a very obvious calling. I could SEE God’s hand over his life – and I could SEE God IN his life.
He was such a massive example in most every area. His love for his family – his country – his faith – the IDF and to live with conviction. To be wise and sharp, full of love and honesty. To be bold and to fight for what is right.
Honestly, his LIFE challenged me.
Challenged me to decide what I truly believed in and what I wanted to stand for. What I wanted my life to count for. To make sure the days don’t just pass us by.
Challenged me to love my family to the fullest and to KNOW history, the word of God, and facts so that I would never lack the ability to give a needed answer. And challenged me to be bold enough to in fact step out and speak truth.

To be honest, I don’t know many people my age (30’s) – in Europe – who are a loud voice standing up for Israel.
Regarding Israel – the world is dark. And everyone like Ari – I think of as a ‘light’ in a very dark room. The more lights the lighter the room and this is needed so people can SEE clearly the truth.

When I found Ari on social media – I knew that I needed to be louder on these topics. His life challenged that in me. They were, after all, topics I grew up my whole life learning and to some extent they’re in my blood too.

But realizing on Sunday what had happened to Ari – I cannot even explain how this affected me. Besides the initial shock – I was surprised to see how personally it affected me. How I mourned for his family, for his beautiful wife and children.
How angry it made me that INCREDIBLE people like this disappear because of the insanity they have to live with while the world, to a large extent is silent!
I watched the funeral online live and mourned. I can’t explain it – but this was personal. It saddened and angered me so much that I can not put it into words.
One VERY bright light – perhaps the brightest I had found – who was shining light on everyone around – reaching across nations to other people including me – was put out.

And something in me snapped. This is IT.
That night I decided – I am going to do everything that I can with my life to be the brightest light I can be for Israel and for the truth. And I will take our 200+ member congregation and help raise up an army of young people who will be vocal, bold and stand up for Israel in Estonia and in Europe. In any and every way that we can - By events, education, tours to Israel (we have high influence here in this country and in europe) and by changing the mindset that just ‘naturally’ comes along with being European, sadly.

I know this is long and perhaps you’ve not even made it to the end – but this is my promise to you – his family:
I will do everything that I can to be a support to Israel and the Jewish people. Vocally, in my prayers and in my actions. And my husband and I will take all the followers we have – and lead them in the same direction.

Ari’s life lived changed mine and reminded me what it is I’m also to live for.
And I will give it my all. This is my promise to you.

May God bless you and keep you. We pray for peace in your home and for comfort to your hearts. Your Ari was a hero. And we will also forever honor this Lion of Zion – defending Israel, defending the truth and loving so well.

Know that you are in our hearts and prayers.
All our love,

Anna - with husband Björn and daughter Elise.

Dan Assuied Wrote on on September 25, 2018 20:49:
I made alyah from France a long time ago and am very hurt by what happened to Ari. I didn't know him before but everything I read about him amazed me he was a real tsadik. His children can be proud of him he was a hero and brave like a lion and also loved Israel Torah and the Jewish people with all his heart. My condolences.

Tamar Yonah & Israel News Talk Radio Staff Wrote on on September 25, 2018 14:13:

Dear Miriam, Children, and the entire Fuld families; Mother, Father, & Siblings,
It is with great shock and pain that I write you. Ari was a giant, a hero, a true fighter for Israel, and someone with what seemed, infinite energy. Ari did a weekly LIVE radio call-in show with us, called "BULLETPROOF" on www.IsraelNewsTalkRadio,com . Ari was phenomenal! He was able to explain and make sense of the facts about Israel, amidst the spin and confusion that was manufactured in the media and social networks. Sometimes right before he was to go on air after my show, he would not even know what he was going to speak about! He would ask me or our technician, "What am I going to talk about today? um, um, ..." and I could hear his mind ticking away trying to gather his thoughts, and then he would go on air like a pro, pounding in the truth of what is really happening in Israel and destroying the fake narratives of the anti-Jews. He would open his weekly show and say: "Welcome to BULLETPROOF Everyone! This is Ari Fuld on Israel News Talk Radio, the weekly show where we discover, expose, and destroy all anti-Israel propaganda that is spread online, offline, and across the universe! Our goal is to give you the facts, the information and to give you the most updated news coming out of the Holy Land..." You can hear Ari say this here:
Ari was, in my eyes, and I am sure many others' eyes, "Mr. Indestructible". He was a proud, strong & tough Jew. Ari was a Tzadik, and when HaShem calls back these type of people, it is especially painful and a HUGE loss not only to Am Yisrael, but to the entire world. We share in your heartbreaking grief.

Tamar Yonah & Israel News Talk Radio Staff Wrote on on September 25, 2018 14:13:

Dear Miriam, Children, and the entire Fuld families; Mother, father, & Siblings,
It is with great shock and pain that I write you. Ari was a giant, a hero, a true fighter for Israel, and someone with what seemed, infinite energy. Ari did a weekly LIVE radio call-in show with us, called "BULLETPROOF" on www.IsraelNewsTalkRadio,com . Ari was phenomenal! He was able to explain and make sense of the facts about Israel, amidst the spin and confusion that was manufactured in the media and social networks. Sometimes right before he was to go on air after my show, he would not even know what he was going to speak about! He would ask me or our technician, "What am I going to talk about today? um, um, ..." and I could hear his mind ticking away trying to gather his thoughts, and then he would go on air like a pro, pounding in the truth of what is really happening in Israel and destroying the fake narratives of the anti-Jews. He would open his weekly show and say: "Welcome to BULLETPROOF Everyone! This is Ari Fuld on Israel News Talk Radio, the weekly show where we discover, expose, and destroy all anti-Israel propaganda that is spread online, offline, and across the universe! Our goal is to give you the facts, the information and to give you the most updated news coming out of the Holy Land..." You can hear Ari say this here:
Ari was, in my eyes, and I am sure many others' eyes, "Mr. Indestructible". He was a proud, strong & tough Jew. Ari was a Tzadik, and when HaShem calls back these type of people, it is especially painful and a HUGE loss not only to Am Yisrael, but to the entire world. We share in your heartbreaking grief.

MR Wrote on on September 25, 2018 12:24:

My husband often saw Ari Fuld pass by my husband's place of work. Ari always greeted my husband even though they didn't know each other at all, and my husband looks like he is affiliated with a different group (politically, ethnically, and somewhat religiously) than Ari.

My husband commented that Ari always impressed him as a unique individual who possessed both an open mind and an open heart.

My husband said that Ari's passion for yishuv Eretz Yisrael and Ari's ahavat Yisrael stood out, even from such brief encounters. It's amazing that just a simple greeting and also occasionally observing Ari's interaction with fellow Jews of all stripes could reveal so much about Ari's obviously special neshamah.

Based on the little I know of Ari Fuld, the above message: "Ari shut his eyes only after it was safe to do so, hy"d" say it all.

We are truly sorry for this profound loss, both for Ari Fuld's family (may Hashem protect and comfort them) and those who knew him well, and as a loss for Klal Yisrael.

Iresine and David Woolf Wrote on on September 25, 2018 10:41:
The days go by but it doesn’t get any easier to accept the loss of an outstanding member of the human race. On so many levels Ari has touched the hearts of thousands and the resulting outpouring of love and respect for him should hopefully carry the family along in a tidal wave of his glory.
Wishing all the Fuld and Loecher family continued strength and support and may peace come to them and all Israel.

Ben Manesh Wrote on on September 25, 2018 00:23:
May his memory be a blessing to you and the rest of AM Israel

Gaby Mamane Wrote on on September 24, 2018 21:13:

I did not know Ari, but all I had to do was watch a 2-minute video of him cooling soldiers and encouraging others to do so with him for me to grasp his otherworldly neshama and personality. To be able to notice such minute details, act upon them and on top of that to give others the opportunity and the encouragement to do so with him takes a level of love for Israel and a special type of care for others that without a doubt are flying Ari to Olam Haba. Be'ezrat Hashem his actions and his initiatives will continue into infinite generations of the future. Baruch Dayan Ha'emet.

Martia Katz Wrote on on September 24, 2018 20:57:

Dear Miriam and Family, I was so shocked and deeply affected when I realised that the murdered man was ARI. It took me a while to actually digest it. How could it be true? Ari was so much larger than life in every way, a true modern hero whom I believed to have a bright future perhaps even in the Israeli Govt. But it was not to be. I used to enjoy watching Ari debate people on Frenemies and would listen to his Friday grill and Torah teachings. I followed him and your family with interest and felt that ARi was a friend. I connected with him personally on FB when he was so upset that those cameras were taken down on temple mount. I really think he had the right attitude towards the JEwish predicament. I would just like to send you all my deepest condolences and if you fancy a break I have a beautiful flat in Netanya on the Beach if you would like to come spend a shabbat with me here I would be honoured. Much love and continued blessings to you all. I also made a donation to STanding Together in Ari's name. Ari was a great great man. I have been deeply affected by his life and his death. Thank you for everything you do.

Maryanne Scholing Wrote on on September 24, 2018 17:19:

Dear Fuld Family,

I hereby want to send you my sincere condolences. Ari was an amazing human being, a loving husband and father, a wonderful loving son and brother (in law) and an amazing friend to all who knew him. The world has lost one of its greatest and there are millions around the world who mourn for him. The first time I met Ari and Miriam was in The Netherlands where Ari was invited to speak and raise money for the Standing Together project. I was immediately blown away by his energy and his passion for the IDF and Eretz Israel. He wanted to help the soldiers out with anything that they needed. After that event, I met with Ari twice more in Israel. He would always take me to these remote locations with the most amazing views of Jerusalem. I always wondered how he found these places. He would be able to tell me the names of almost every building and what year it was built. His knowledge about the history of Jerusalem and Israel, in general, was very extensive. He would always be so proud of what Israel had become in such a relatively short time. He loved to make live videos and to tell other people the truth about Israel. I will miss his live videos so much, but we still have the ones that he was able to make. And I think that the pro-Israel people around the world should use the videos to empower themselves with the truth about Israel. Ari would want people to become more avid supporters and never be afraid to speak out for truth and justice. I have a great amount of respect for Ari and for the way that he always dealt with his adversaries, in particular, the left. Whenever I would not be in Israel, I would be in contact with Ari through FB. We were always taking on the haters together, commenting and trying to defeat them with the truth. I remember this one time where Jew haters were commenting all over a live video that Ari had done. I started commenting on their hate-filled lies one at a time. Every time I had left a comment, I received a notification that Ari had also responded to this person. At a certain point, I asked Ari, “Ari, what are you doing?”, and he answered; “trying to keep up with you in defeating the haters”…I always tried to help him out with whatever he had going on, whether it was a campaign to help people in the IDF or even with his cellphone that fell two-stories down. There would also be times when Ari would be very frustrated when the funds were not coming in, or people weren’t signing a petition. It caused him to be very agitated and almost give up on certain campaigns. I would always do my best to help and rally people together and share his campaigns and videos in as many groups on FB as possible. Ari was a man of great integrity and he really stood for what he believed in, which is also why it made me sad at times to see him struggling with raising money for certain things or even with his own personal situation. Ari trusted and respected me and even though I’m not exactly a millionaire either, I would always tell him that if he needed some money for a campaign or even just for some groceries for his family. As for myself, I’m a strong supporter of the State of Israel and Ari knew this. I’m not only involved with many Israel groups online, but I’m also a member of the group Time to Stand up for Israel (Ari was a member as well) We are active both online and offline with pro-Israel events and rallies, and even counter protests to tackle the BDS and the pro-palestine idiots. (actually, the pro-pallies don’t really support the “Palestinians”, they just hate Jews) We write to the media to call them out on their lies and write to local politicians and even the European Parliament to stop demonizing Israel. We have been very active for the last 4 years in our advocacy, and whenever I shared pictures with Ari, he would always have the biggest smile on his face. He was so proud of all of us around the world who spoke out against the Israel/Jew haters. And in return, we were (I still am, btw) proud of Ari, who literally gave his all for Israel. We will always honor him and his legacy, and we will let this inspire us to become even more diligent advocates for Israel. It’s what Ari would want. As for myself, my life changed drastically on Sept.16th and I miss him every day, but I will cherish the memories. He truly is one of the best friends that I could ever have. Am Israel chai!! P.s sorry if this message is kind of too long.

Angie Mann Wrote on on September 24, 2018 02:16:

I am an American Christian, a believer and followe r of Jesus! And I want Ari’s family to know that Christians in America love him and his family! We are so sorry about what happened, and I am praying for you all continually!!! Ari brought Israe l to life!!! I am not Jewish, but as a Christian, Israel is important to me too, and I also believe that Israel belongs to the Jewish people ONLY! Ari’s live feeds allowed me to see the Holy Land in a way that I will probably never get to otherwise! I was so excited spending evenings with him at the Western Wall! It was amazing! And, when he responded to a comment I made one night on a live feed and said MY name at the Western Wall, live in Israel....I will NEVER forget the feeling of that special moment! Ari was very kind, and I will never forget him! He touched my heart through those broadcasts! He meant a lot to me from afar! Thank you Fuld family for sharing him with us all! You will continue to be in my prayers and my heart!

Yehudit katz Wrote on on September 23, 2018 18:04:

We're gearing up in Bat Ayin for an educational series ISRAEL : OUR FUTURE OUR PAST- SOVEREIGNTY WITH SECURITY " prior to trumps presentation of a "peace plan" .... Israeli citizens lets get our ducks in a row...Do we want to continue tolerating hostile populations in our midst? Do we want to continue the land give away hypocrisy? Do we want to continue with WEAK LEADERSHIP? Come to our first meeting with speakers AMICHAI AND RINA ARIEL- parents of 13 yo murdered Hallel - like ARI, they have an agenda a vision a direction. Please come and support our .educational project to mobilize the Jewish people in strong viable direction. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OCTOBER 16 8PM BAT AYIN. RSVP AND DIRECTIONS TO TEXT 0586529350. THANK YOU!

Michal Waller Wrote on on September 23, 2018 16:56:

So heartbroken for Miriam and the whole family who have lost an incredible father, husband, son, and brother.
I used to see Ari when he would come to Pina Hama - always smiling and upbeat although he was on miluim...Not the usual demeanor
of soldiers who had to take large chunks of time off for their miluim service.
He was always so positive about it - a real inspiration . It's all the more incredible (and I didn't know) that he insisted on continuing
miluim although he was over the age limit. יהי זכרו ברוך

April Dykes Wrote on on September 23, 2018 15:11:
I will miss Ari's Torah teaching each week. I learned so much from listening and studying with him. His videos, posts, etc when he was supporting Israel will be more missed. I learned so much from listening to him and reading his posts and articles. No one will be able to fill his shoes, but I believe many will continue his work. I am praying for his family and for Israel. May they both find peace and joy, even in the hard times.

Mary Bower Wrote on on September 23, 2018 14:00:

Ari and I became friends through his defense page. I was so astounded that there was a Father, Husband, Brother, Son, Lover of HaShem, and Protector of his family and Israel, and his fellow soldiers left in the world. I watched his funeral online and learned that his entire family is like him. I once told him Always be in the truth Ari and Hashem will be with you. I suspect he loved Ari and that he is with him as Ari abodes there too. Of course I didn't have to tell his family those words of comfort, certainly they already knew. Much love to them and all who loved the Hero Ari Fuld, and his ways of the Lion of Judah. Mary Bower, Myriam Bauer

Brian Thau Wrote on on September 23, 2018 10:11:

I have a few ideas:
A training program following Ari's style and open opposition to the lies and to counter the lies with truth. This AYF for Ari Yoel Fuld and also Am Yisrael Force) will not only confront our enemies online but we will go to the various Protests and others who try to lie about Israel. We will have teams of thousands in various locations to do what Ari used tondo alone.Now we will be United and do it together.
Second idea: have this training program in ever post high school program in Israel and taught by who have the skills and abilities to not only to inform but develop our next generation of Ari Fulds to continue his approach in the future.
3 idea a book about Ari.
4 A karate program that teaches Ari's love for the Jewish people and his love for Israel along with the importance of being a Jew who can defend themselves.
Yhe zichro Baruch

Steve vogel Wrote on on September 23, 2018 10:09:
My deeest condolences that we have lost Ari, this is a lost not only for the Fuld family but for all of those that cherish The Land of israel and the Torah.
Ari, we miss you dearly and wish you were still here to lead us through your videos and messages.

Michal Ostrov Wrote on on September 23, 2018 09:38:

When it just came out i was a mesurevet Get i got a pm from Ari late at night asking to know the details first hand and to see a psack from beit din. After seeing it was lagit he wanted to know how he could help (he was one of the first people to reach out). I was a little confused sure i was going to be mesurevet for life as even the dayanim led me to believe.
One of Ari's suggestions was to beat my ex up untill he agreed to give me the Get apparently he did this to another Get refuser and it worked. Of course i declind i did not want him to get in to trouble. So Ari wrote that as Gabbai of the shull he will talk to the rabbi and inssist that my ex will not be able to daven in a minyan of the shull (this is before rabni Riskin wrote a psack) and that if the rabni would refuse to agree then he Ari will refuse to daven in the minyan while ex is there.
He truly was a גיבור כארי protecting the week and i am truly greatful for him reaching out.
Besides that i will forever be greatful as a sister of one of the people of Amona for him trying to fight there battle for pyshing Jen to start a FB group friends of Amona which i later help mod to spread to the world the evil being done in Amona, Ofra, Tapuach and Native Ha'Avot.
May your family never know grief again.

David Barag, yakirs 9th grade teacher Wrote on on September 23, 2018 09:01:

בוקר טוב יקיר. אני נמצא כרגע בארה"ב אצל המשפחה של אשתי. רק רציתי לספר לך עד כמה יהודים ברחבי העולם חושבים עליכם ומוקירים את אביך הי"ד.
ביום שישי שלחה לי מישהי מסורתית מאוסטרליה שדיברו על אביך בדרשה לכל נדרי בסידני. בניו ג'רזי הרב דיבר השבת על כך שאביך פעל ללא לאות על מנת להפיץ את האמת על ישראל בעולם ולהזכיר לנו שארץ ישראל שייכת לעם ישראל. בעיתון היהודי כאן the Jewish link הקדישו לפחות 5 מאמרים לאביך ז"ל כדי לספר על השילוב יוצא הדופן של לימוד, עשייה, ביטחון, ציונות והתנדבות שאפיין את אביך ואף פרסמו מאמר שאביך כתב בעצמו בעבר.
חושבים עליכם המון.
חג שמח!

shaina (lisa ) Binder Wrote on on September 23, 2018 08:25:

Rabbi fuld taught me in seminary at Bear Miriam.I loved his classes and loved his love for Israel and Life .His neshmah was so special and i hope you all find comfort in knowing how many lives he touched .I spent a shabbat with you in Efrat and really enjoyed being with your family .Rabbi Fuld loved his family so so much .May his neshmah have the highest aliyah .
May you not know ang other pain
May you only remember happy memories .Praying for you and sending love .
shaina (lisa) Binder student Baer Miriam 2010-2011

Cheryl Fehlberg Wrote on on September 23, 2018 08:20:

Dear Miriam, children, all Fuld families.
My heart is breaking for you. Ari was a true hero. I was lucky enough to meet with Ari when he came to Australia last November. A true hero. I wish you a long life, may you know only joy.
I started a group where we wish to continue the work of Ari Fuld Z"L HY"D In 3 days we have over 450 members and some fantastic projects have already begun. I have started a group honouring Ari's OB"M HY"D great work. Firstly it's a think tank to come up with ideas of what we can do and then the goal is we implement ideas.
May I please co-ordinate with you and check if these are ideas you would like us to continue?

The legacy of Ari Fuld OB"M HY"D
The legacy of Ari Fuld OB"M HY"D

Deborah Davis Wrote on on September 23, 2018 08:11:

Miriam - I was encouraged to reach out to your husband by a mutual awuaintance Mottle Wolfe about 2 years ago . I did and we had spoken of locating places in Arizona for him to speak . He did come to the US but we never seemed to solidify the date or venues . As a reform Jew , we didn’t always agree politically but I admired him for his passion .
On Sunday morning I read Mottle’s Facebook post of Ari a lion to the end and I was just heartbroken for your family and the great loss for Israel .
My b st to you and your family - Deborah Davis

Rachel Josef Wrote on on September 23, 2018 07:57:

Ari Fuld was one of my teachers in Ba’er Miriam - a seminary in Har Nof, Israel. I loved to see his name on the schedule when he was coming in to teach. It really made look forward to his class. His class-I shouldn’t really say class, more like a reality check- provided me with true appreciation and love for the land of Israel. But most importantly, it provided me with truth. Truth that we don’t see on the news or in America as much. Truth that can only be told by those who are living through the experience. Ari was no exception, in fact he was the epitome of what it is to live through the truth and spread it to whoever he could through many platforms. Ari taught me that I should be brave and stand up for my religion and land with the upmost passion. I finished my seminary year about four years ago but I had the opportunity to go back last January for a couple of weeks. I got to listen and see Ari speak and obviously he filled us in on stories about the army, mixing Torah and Halacha in them as well. He mentioned at the end of the class that he’s coming to America to advocate for the IDF soon and urged us to get involved. After the class, I approached Ari and he inspired me to work with him to make an event to advocate and spread the truth about the IDF and Israel. This is what truth is. This is what it means to search for truth, and once you find it, not to be afraid to share it. Most of the world is blinded to the truth, and the fabrications keep piling up. But Ari urged so many to open their eyes and face the facts to what was really going on. Most people involved in politics are just there to talk. Ari was involved solely to show others the truth. May we see Ari back with us real soon with the Geula!

Nicole Lerner Wrote on on September 23, 2018 07:50:

Dearest Miriam and children,
You do not know me personally, but I am a close friend of Ruthie/Doni .
Ruthie is my dear friend from childhood. We went to Camp Hillel together, Brovenders Seminary and Stern college together. We have always been on touch through the years and when I come to visit my sister and brother-in-law Elie and Jessica Gertel, who live in Alon Shvut, I always make sure to connect with Ruthie and Fam. I followed your husband/father on his posts throughout is. He was so inspirational, sincere and had true Ahavat Yisroel for every Jew. He had such a simchat hachaim and lived with a zest for life that needs to be perpetuated and filled by all of Klall Yisroel so that we don't, Chas v' Shalom experience a void. Our hearts are crying along with you and I hope there is some comfort in knowing that, although you do not know me and my family personally, that we are truly one big famiky and we are keeping all of you in our tefilot, and hearts and that our Fab, Rabbi Shmuel Silber of Baltimore Maryland gave his Yom Kippur morning stash on your beloved husband/ father and he did not even know him personally. He was just so inspired by his life and last act of Ahavat Yisroel and how we all need to model such behavior in our own lives. (If you would like a copy of my Rav's drash, I can ask him for it. Your husband/father inspired so many people across the globe through his actions and deeds. He truly lived a life of Kiddush Hashem that inspires all of us to be more and do more for each other. We are praying that Hashem gives all of you much strength and comforts you until Moshiach arrives.
המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שער אבילי ציון ןירושלים
Nicole (Pancer) Lerner

Alexandra Markus Wrote on on September 23, 2018 07:31:

Ari was always larger than life. He was brave and confident and not afraid to be who he was. I remember when I went to a Hasbara meetup at the Fleischers’ place in Ma’ale Zeitim, and I brought my now-ex boyfriend whom I wanted to get involved in Hasbara. This was a mere few weeks after we started dating. There was another couple there who had just gotten engaged (they are also now broken up, sadly), and Ari somehow thought we were the ones who got engaged. So in his talk at the event, he congratulated us on our engagement and turned bright red and ran away.

We could all learn from Ari’s bravery to some, chutzpah to others. If every Jew were more like Ari, we wouldn’t be facing the problems we have today: assimilation, intermarriage, internalized Antisemitism aka antizionism, and the dilution of Judaism to a “tikkun olam” skeleton of its former self.

Ari got Judaism. He understood the concept of choice - why you must choose to do mitzvot for them to really count. He understands Rambam’s middle way and was not extremist in his practice, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t extremely passionate about all things Jewish and learning as much as he could - and given he was a rav that was a lot! He also loved every Jew as long as they had a Jewish neshama, regardless of observance level, and took everyone under his wing who wanted to learn Torah or do Hasbara for Israel. Nobody was a nobody to Ari Fuld.

When Yom Kippur drew to a close, a mere three days after Ari was buried, and I checked my newsfeed again, I was reminded. I looked over our last messages and it was about a Hasbara website he was working on that I was collaborating with him on. I asked him for an update on the progress and told him that since I’m out of school and have some free time now that I’m back from America, I can pick up some of the slack from him, since I know he’s been busy as usual.

The last thing he said to me stands out when I think of the irony of it and the lesson it can teach us all.

“I got some more [content] but I don’t have time now.”

Ari thought he can do it tomorrow (or at least after shabbos, cause this was from just a few days before that Sunday morning he left this world).

But tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

Quite a jarring lesson for a lifelong procrastinator like myself. But, ever a teacher, Ari taught me in death as he taught me in life.

You can’t count on tomorrow.
There may not be a tomorrow.
Seize today as if it’s your last day on earth. Go to bed feeling satisfied that you did what you can do. That you have lived a life well-lived.

Does that sound hard? Good. “If life isn’t hard, you’re doing it wrong,” he was famous for saying.

Jewish belief is that every time you go to sleep for the night, it is like you are dead, and HaShem gives you your soul back in the morning. Every day is another chance, a gift from God, as it is not מובן מאליו, or taken for granted. That’s why every night before closing our eyes we say the shema, which are supposed to be a Jew’s last words, and every morning we say מודה אני לפניך, מלך חי וקיים, שהחזרת בי נשמתי בחמלה, רבה אמונתך, thanking Gd for the blessing of this new chance to go on living.

A group of Ari’s close friends want to fulfill his dream of a website for all the content he produced, to make the website he never got to make, in his honor.

Chaya Kranz Wrote on on September 23, 2018 07:19:
Although I did not know Ari, a"h, personally, his life and what he stood for had a strong impact on me. He was a true hero and tzaddik and leader in klal yisroel . He wasn't afraid to stand up for truth. May his neshama have an aliyah and may his family know of no more sorrow, amen.

Amy Yefet Wrote on on September 23, 2018 06:23:

Dear Fuld Family,
When I was in Israel and my brother tal Katz was in yeshivat Netiv Aryeh I was zoche to meet Ari Z”l. No words of describing him. His love for Israel , passion for learning torah, and Yirat shamayim was just incredible. He taught me so much by his weekly videos. The day that he passed away my mom was on the phone with my brother who lives in Israel (tal) and she asks him ״ מה קורה אתה בסדר״? He obviously wasn’t because he was heartbroken and crying. He says to her “איבדנו אריה, בן אדם שכל כך אהבתי, איזה חיוך, והוא גם היה הרב שלי בישיבה.״ and my brother doesn’t usually cry stam it was because he knows how ari impacted his life to be a better TORAH learning Jew, have Yirat shamayim, and to love Israel. I as a stranger to you was sobbing for 2 days about Ari’s murder Z”l but I know HaShem takes the good one’s next to him. I wish I can meet you in person but I live in NY. The fact that you all smiled when building the sukkah was so moving to me because I also suffered the loss of a brother so I know how it feels. Sending you hugs from NY❤️.
HaShem has earned another lion next to him. May you be comforted and not have to go through such a tragedy again.
Amy Yefet

Hele Simon Wrote on on September 23, 2018 06:03:
Dear Miriam and the entire Fuld Family, there no words of sorrow to describe how Ari's passing has affected me. I've followed Ari on FB for a long time and know how passionate he was about his many causes. There aren't many like him. It has been a joy and a privilege to know him. His absence is heartbreaking and would feel unreal for a very long time. I'll cherish the memory of Ari and what he stood for. Ari is your Guardian now and forever. With much love to all of you.

stephanie schnurman Wrote on on September 23, 2018 05:46:

Dear Fuld Family, when I was on Facebook, dear Ari Fuld was on my friend list, I am so proud to say, I knew him from seeing his videos and he spoke to me a few times. He spoke with me on private message and because I had Ashkelon Israel as my location & he invited me to join him at the western wall. Sadly, I didn't really live there so I couldn't do it. (he thought I was a soldier due to my profile pic) I added him to a group of mine and I'm so glad I did! Sadly I had to deactivate that account due to facebook constantly shutting me down for pro-Israel posts and I now hear the same was happening to Ari Fuld, but I opened a new one and he spoke to me on this one as well after I viewing one of his videos. I am so deeply saddened at this horrible tragedy, and I pray for you, his dear family, and for his soul to rest in peace and I hope he knows how much we all love him. BDE and may Hashem ease your suffering and pain and bring you blessings and happiness to find solace after this horrible event. Shalom.

Brian Thau Wrote on on September 23, 2018 05:35:

Dear Miriam ,the children,Rav Yonah &Mary Fuld ,Moshe ,Danny,,Hillel and Eytan,

Where do I start?
As a young boy I was privileged to be the student of Ari's father Rabbi Yonah Fuld amush,who guided and molded thousands of students to follow in the ways of Hashem ,his Torah and Religious Zionism. Ari was a very young.boy when I met him. I have known all the boys especially in my years at SAR and at camp Hillel.
When I made aliyah in December 20012 I joined Ari's karate class. His first words to me "hey I remember you!". We binded immediately discussing Israel,Torah,Karate and how to help the Jewish people. It was an honor to come to class as it was a combination of Karate ,Torah,meditation and Israeli politics all combined!
We always practiced knife attacks. He always warned us to practice..I am still in shock that anyone was able to get near Ari. Only by sneaking up from behind could that coward do what he did.
Ari told me a story about one time when he uncovered a ring of Moslem women impersonating settler women. When he realized that the woman in his car was not a settler but rather a Moslem he arrested her and called the police. The police refused to interrogate her. Ari stood in the precint ( mind you it was a couple of hours before shabbat and he had to get home) and he said he wouldn't leave the precint until the commanding officer comes and interrogates this woman. After a lot of arguing,they agreed to interrogate the woman. Under investigation the woman admitted that she had been sent to impersonate a settler so they could infiltrate Jewish families cars and then take hostages etc.. Ari's bravery was not just this last fatal time. Ari has been saving lives for years.
On another occassio. Ari showed me the various terrorists he helped capture. Must be 20-30 wanted criminals. Ari was a real hero.
May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Claudius Mark Branson Wrote on on September 23, 2018 05:34:

I found Ari through Avi Abelow. I was instantly inspired by him. Ari took the time and called me one day which was very nice of him. He was the first Jewish person I had ever spoken to in person or on the phone. It was a real honour and I will never forget it. I was a regular on his page and videos. I loved Grill and Torah and Torah portion. He made so many videos and I watched them all. It was exciting to see him on ILTV.
When I found out what happened to him i was instantly saddened and devastated because I looked up to Ari because of his love for Israel and the IDF. Ari was a walking fountain of knowledge of Israel's history and politics. I think he has already inspired so many more to do the kind of work he was doing. There will be no shortage of people to carry on the messages he carried. I love all you guys in his family. I feel like I have met you even though it was just in his videos and pictures I saw you. So I will keep you in my prayers and may God bless you all so much. Thank you all for everything! I am from Kentucky. Just an old hillbilly that loves God. BYe

Daniel Eacrett Wrote on on September 23, 2018 04:53:
I am deeply sorry over Ari's passing. Although I never knew him personally, I know many who did, and his story has inspired me over these past few days. May his name and memory be a blessing, and may HaShem avenge his blood.

Alon Harpaz Wrote on on September 23, 2018 04:22:
I admired Ari Fuld, sending condolences to the family

Julie Thaler Wrote on on September 23, 2018 04:13:

Dear Miriam,
I too suffered an unimaginable loss of my husband who was also an ardent Zionist as well as a congregational rabbi. It happened 20 years ago leaving me with our two sons 5 and 7. I just wanted to let you know from someone who really knows the pain and fears .... that you will get through this and you will be okay. The Jewish community helped me and strengthened me.. you have a wonderful family, a tremendous supportive community and the entire country of Israel behind you . Your children will be okay if they see that you are. Sending you strength and love from NY

Carol Salz Wrote on on September 23, 2018 03:48:

I was thinking of a way to keep Ari's memory alive. So many thoughts. Just thinking out loud....Ari was such an amazing advocate for Israel and brave Hero. How about a way of showing his family how much he meant to all of us by having organized lectures and dinners with the topic being of areas that Ari talked about. Dedicated to him and always focusing on what he did and showing his videos. My kids have gone on birthright, and met people in Israel who explained different things. For example, one stop for the kids on Birthright could be a lunch where someone is explaing to them who Ari Fuld was and what he did and always did every day for Israel. A living memorial for Ari.

Carol Salz Wrote on on September 23, 2018 02:04:
Dear Miriam and family. I met Ari once, when I was in Israel. Since last Sunday I have been so so sad. He was a true hero in live and now after life. I watched the live stream of his funeral, here from Toronto. Ari touched all of our lives. He kept us updated and hopeful every day. Next year in Israel I will plant a tree with my own hand in memory of Ari. May his memory and brave heart stay with all of you and help to go on every day.

Warren Wrote on on September 23, 2018 01:33:
Shalom and may the Peace of the Lord be upon the family of Ari Fuld. Im a Israeli supporter and I stand with Israel. Im here to show my support for Ari Fuld and his family. This is a very difficult time, but I would like to lift your hearts with this Bible Verse, Revelation 21-4. God Bless Ari Fuld and his family always. Shalom ???????? ✡️ ????

Ryan Bellerose Wrote on on September 23, 2018 01:32:
Ari was a badass. simple as that.

Chana Epstein Wrote on on September 23, 2018 00:48:

Dear Miriam, Tamar,Naomi, Yakir and Natan,
First I would like to say how sorry I am for the loss and tragic murder of your dear husband and father. I want to extend my condolences to Ari's parents and siblings.
I want to say that I/we share in your loss, as Aari's tragic death at the hands of a barbarian is a great loss to all of us whose lives he touched in Israel and the world, but I know we can never "share" in this senseless tragic death of a husband, father, son, brother. I want you to know that from the depths of my emotions and the bottom of my heart, I reach out to you in comfort and love as a mother and Jew who loves Israel, Life and Truth, all of which Ari stood for.
Though I never met Ari, I was immediately affected by his knowledge and passion for Israel when I came across his face book page, earlier this year. I contacted him about his tours and planned to meet him when I was here this month. I have been using face book to post, repost and educate people on the truth about Israel for several years. Once connected with Ari's page, I shared his posts and videos, supported his efforts to help the soldiers and told people about him. I told the two synagogues that I am connected with in Las Vegas that they Must invite him during his November tour. But instead of meeting him, at least to say thank you for your inspiration and all you're doing, I, along with thousands of others, stood at his funeral asking "why?", "how?"
I still feel like this is a nightmare that I will soon wake up from. If I, a stranger, feel this way, how much more so must you?
I continue to follow Ari's page, his friend, Avi's posts in his memory and see the photos of your family moving on with life, building your sukkah, memorializing Ari together with your family, friends and community, showing that we will not be struck down by terrorism and the barbaric ways of his murderer. You are all, truly an inspiration.
Miriam, I admire your strength and pray that you and your children will never again know such tragedy and sorrow. May your sukkah be a place of joy and comfort.
I will continue to do my part to keep Ari's memory and messages alive.
May you forever be Blessed and Comforted amongst the Mourners of Yerushalayim and Tzion,
Chana Epstein

Ben Heed Wrote on on September 23, 2018 00:39:

Words cannot express my feelings. We all lost someone special.
I became friends with Ari after reading his blogs on Facebook. I merely messaged him, telling him I liked his page.. that's where it all started.. We Messaged one another. Mutual Love for Israel, Mutual views the same. I taught Karate to the he did..His Black Belt..My Brown. So many similarities. I will be planting trees in My Friend's memory in Israel. I already told Hillel this. The Certificate will be sent to You, Miriam, and the kids v/o Standing Together 24/7. They will get it to you. It will be done in the next 2 Weeks.

May Ari Rest in Peace. May We Take Up the Torch and Continue What he Started.
"Rest in Peace, Ari My friend
"Lived, Forever Missed"
Thank You for Being My Friend ❤????????

Devorah Wrote on on September 23, 2018 00:22:
My husband went to high school with Ari. I only met Ari and Miriam once, at a wedding. We had recently made Aliyah and we were struggling with many things. Just talking to both of you made us feel more balanced and took away some of that "lost immigrant" feeling. Miriam, may you be comforted as you and Ari comforted us.

Sue Hadden Wrote on on September 23, 2018 00:07:

I’ve followed Ari on social media a long time. I live in Manchester in the United Kingdom and voluntary advocate for Israel , part of a group called ‘ North West Friends of Israel ‘. I used to message Ari quite a bit but last spoke to him when I was in Israel last year. I can’t tell you how utterly devastated I am for you all. I’ve cried all week with disbelief. Ari truly was the most amazing man and lion of Israel . Last Sunday we were having a ‘Say No to Antisemitism ‘ Rally in Manchester, a few thousand people attended and an hour before it started the news came through about Ari. I was in shock and standing in the pouring rain, it was like all the angels in heaven were shedding tears. I watched the leviah later that evening and it was so moving . I’ve nrver seen anything like it. My daughter died when she was 2 and so have both my parents and so I know what grief is. It’s overwhelming and so many caring people want to help but they can’t . People mean well but they don’t know what to say to you and what to do. Right now you will all feel lost and broken hearted but Hadhem will be there for you. . The tears won’t last forever, but what will last is the legacy that Ari started. ‘We’ will all continue his work for him and will do it with him in mind. His strength will live on in you all , although there will be days when you won’t feel strong, but that’s normal. I hope you take comfort that so many people that you’ve never even met loved him. I may be coming to Israel at the end of October and if it would be possible I’d like to pay my respects to the family . May Hadhrm bless you all snd thst yoj bd speared from further sorrow. Much love, strength and sincere condolences to the whole family .

Sue Hadden Wrote on on September 23, 2018 00:06:

I’ve followed Ari on social media a long time. I live in Manchester in the United Kingdom and voluntary advocate for Israel , part of a group called ‘ North West Friends of Israel ‘. I used to message Ari quite a bit but last spoke to him when I was in Israel last year. I can’t tell you how utterly devastated I am for you all. I’ve cried all week with disbelief. Ari truly was the most amazing man and lion of Israel . Last Sunday we were having a ‘Say No to Antisemitism ‘ Rally in Manchester, a few thousand people attended and an hour before it started the news came through about Ari. I was in shock and standing in the pouring rain, it was like all the angels in heaven were shedding tears. I watched the leviah later that evening and it was so moving . I’ve nrver seen anything like it. My daughter died when she was 2 and so have both my parents and so I know what grief is. It’s overwhelming and so many caring people want to help but they can’t . People mean well but they don’t know what to say to you and what to do. Right now you will all feel lost and broken hearted but Hadhem will be there for you. . The tears won’t last forever, but what will last is the legacy that Ari started. ‘We’ will all continue his work for him and will do it with him in mind. His strength will live on in you all , although there will be days when you won’t feel strong, but that’s normal. I hope you take comfort that so many people that you’ve never even met loved him. I may be coming to Israel at the end of October and if it would be possible I’d like to pay my respects to the family . May Hadhrm bless you all snd thst yoj bd speared from further sorrow. Much love, strength and sincere condolences to the whole family .

Aviva Fort Wrote on on September 22, 2018 23:55:

Every time I see his holy face in my newsfeed it hurts so much. I am horrified and furious at his loss. I cry with you and I hope every molecule of his blood gets avenged a trillion times over. I keep hearing how Hashem takes the best of us as a korban to keep a tragedy happening in greater numbers to the rest of us. I have no clue if this is true but what I do know is that Ari HYD may be a larger than life hero to so many of us, but he was your husband, dad and family member and there is nothing to say to help such pain except I hope he comes back soon with Moshiach immediately. I share in your pain tremendously and.תנחמנו מן השמים

Dina Moskowitz Wrote on on September 22, 2018 23:34:

Dear beloved ones,

I spent most of Shabbat Ha'azinu today, thinking of all of you and how it must have been for you, on this first Shabbat without beloved husband and father and brother, Ari HY"D... I will always regret the fact that I never did get to meet Ari in person, just from Facebook (where we got involved in a stupid, petty argument about Donald Trump, of all things, which broke our FB friendship - forever, as it turned out). My heart is still shattered in a million pieces over this tragedy, over this huge loss for you, for me, for all of Am Israel and for Medinat Israel. May beloved Ari be your personal Melitz Yosher in front of the Kisei HaKavod, and also for the rest of us, too. May the G-d of Israel watch over, guide and protect all of you from any harm or further tzarot! With love and tears, Dina

Gedaliah Blum Wrote on on September 22, 2018 23:00:

Ari and I met and became friends over 12 years ago when I moved to Efrat. since then we moved to Eli. When I saw that he and Avi were coming up to the area to report on Migron in the winter, I saw it as an opportunity to FINALLY get them to come and visit. My wife Elisheva made amazing stew, perfect for a cold day. The reaction on his face when he ate still sticks in my memory. Asking what the base of the stew was, we told him it was coconut milk. so he tried it for the first time by pouring some on his finger, licking it off and then screamed "WOW". It was just funny seeing a grown man so happy over coconut milk.
In any case, we spent a few hours just hanging out and talking. Some of which was caught here on this live stream:
I will miss Ari as a friend. I will not know who to go to tell a story, ask a question, or seek advice...But most of all, the loss is to all of Am Yisrael. We need to make sure that his work continues and that his goal to strengthening Israel by screaming out the truth is fulfilled. I will do more. I hope you will too.

Mindy Rosenbaum Wrote on on September 22, 2018 22:59:
I did not know ari that well but we did work together in bonkers bagels in kilkar Zion in 1995 or 6. I loved him being there because his prescience was very comforting and he was so sweet and cheerful !! Sending u all much love, and blessings for only simchas❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous Wrote on on September 22, 2018 22:45:
Dear Rabbi (Yonah) Fuld,
I was in a shiur of yours at Mevaseret. I met Ari z"l once, and it was obvious what a special man he was. I am so sorry for your loss, which is also Am Yisrael's. May you and your family know no further pain, and only smachot.

Joshua and Stephanie Stern Wrote on on September 22, 2018 21:04:

Dear Fuld family,
We had the extremely fortunate opportunity to spend a day with Ari last August as he took our family to an IDF base to cook and feed soldiers, driving us back into Jerusalem when we were done. Although a brief interaction, he left an extremely memorable imprint on the whole family, showing us what a true love of Israel and it’s soldiers looks like. Even with that short exposure with Ari, it was so obvious what an amazing and special person Ari was and this became even more evident as we continued to follow his posting on Facebook.These base tripe were definitely going to be a planned repeat experience on future trips and we will continue to support his organization in his memory (and because it as an awesome organization). He was a part of our family and community in Boca and we are all going to miss him terribly. We are so sorry our children won’t get to hear him talk in their schools any more as he was a wonderful role model for our children, and and for us as well. Thank you for sharing him with us. He was a true hero, and we are all better off for having the chance to spend time with him, in person or on Facebook. We are so sorry for your loss, but he and his message will never be forgotten.
Josh and Stephanie Stern

Rina Hartman Wrote on on September 22, 2018 17:12:

My heartfelt condolences to the fuld family . I only knew Ari thru FB, but during this time I learned so much from him. I learned about his deep live for his family, Israel, and the IDF. I will miss his presence and his videos very much . He made me a better person thru his teachings and he will stay in my soul forever. May his memory be a blessing for generations to come. May there be streets and buildings and hospitals and parks named after h so that his memory will be rememberer for generations to come. The world has lost a superhero .

Sabine Sterk Wrote on on September 22, 2018 10:43:

Dear family of Ari, No words for your loss and my and our condolences. How i know Ari? I have a FB group "Time to Stand Up For Israel" (ttsufi). Through one of these members Marie Anne, we heart that Ari wanted to join us one day to speak the truth from Damsquare, Amsterdam. Last sunday we stood with our action "Operation Truth for Israel" on Damsquare when the news reached us, it eas Ari that was killed..The same Ari i talked to about his plan, the same Ari from which we shared all his message in our group.. we all cried and played on his memory Kings of all Kings on Damsquare. Now he is not here anymore but sees us up from the sky..i reach with my live video more then 37000 people and i want to make a banner of Ari, with a strong message..that we can take with us to Damsquare during our Operation Truth For Israel...i hope you can help us with this..
It would be such a comfort to know that his name will be heart and mentioned and that his words lives even here in Holland...
I sent you all, my love and power to smile again with Ari forever in your hearts
Sabine Sterk
Founder of Time To Stand up For Israel

Angelika Dumanski Wrote on on September 22, 2018 06:09:
I only know Ari from facebook and how he spoke for Israel,and loved his land so much..that is the highest command, to love Israel,he did this with no problem,he spoke up,,and now others will speak up even more,,hats off to him as HE HELD HASHEM in the highest command,to love Hashem's land and its people..That is very powerful..not anyone can do that, but Ari did that,and may many take his courage to do the blessed,,shalom...

Aliza Goldman Wrote on on September 21, 2018 21:12:

To Miriam and the entire Fuld Family,

There are really no adequate words of consolation at a time like this. Ari, the Lion of Zion, was larger than life and a gift to Klahl Yisrael the likes of which we rarely see. Than you, Miriam, for loaning him to us— I realize that while we loved his midnight tours of the Old City, and his excitement in recording crowds at the Kotel at 2am— these were times when a “normal” guy would usually be at home. But your sharing him with us allowed us to experience things in Israel that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. You, Miriam, are truly the Ayshet Khalil we learn about.

As for my personal experience, I met Ari through his debates on Israel TV and his Israel Advocacy work on the web. I was so moved at the work he did on behalf of the IDF soldiers and when he made a trip to NY, I decided to go and meet him in person. At that time he mentioned his community and the need for Night Vision goggles and we purchased that to help ensure security in your community—this was after the Salomons ( friends of ours) suffered three deaths in their home at the hands of a moslem terrorist who entered their home on the Friday night they were having a Sholom zokhor. After that meeting with Ari in person where he told us his story about his personal IDF service, we remained in touch and when I came to Israel for the moving of the US Embassy, I asked Ari if he could give us one of his special tours of Jerusalem. At that time I was traveling with a close friend who had never been to Israel before— so what better way is there to learn about Jerusalem than from Ari? So he picked us up at our hotel and on the way out he asked, “ Would you like to go to Kever Rachel?” I hadn’t been there in 30 years and we immediately said yes. For both of us, it was the most moving part of our trip— and totally unexpected! After that we went for lunch someplace in the area where we had the best falafel and hummus ; Ari also took us around the Gush area where I also hadn’t been. He taught us all about it, we saw the security system there. We were even at his house and met one of his beautiful daughters! Not only did we tour with him, but we truly felt like family because of Ari’s warmth, his smile and his intense knowledge of everything Israel. We knew at that time that he was extraordinary— we realized then we were in the presence of greatness. Ari took a picture of us with him and I immediately posted it on my facebook page, the moment I heard the tragic news. We planned to see him in Israel when we come in December—when I heard of his murder, I felt torn between wanting to jump on a plane and go to his family, and at the same time thinking— how can I go to Israel without Ari’s being there?? When I’d watch his videos from Jerusalem in the middle of the night I’d often think that, Like God, Ari לא ינום ולא יישן, שומר ישראל— doesn’t rest and doesn’t sleep—he guards over Israel.

My cousin lives in your area and I immediately asked him if he would pay a Shiva call to your family since I couldn’t do it. He
also helped me to try and come to grips with this tragedy, especially so close to Yom Kippur.

I was comforted by the fact that my shul and so many in the area, spoke of Ari’s heroism and love for Israel, on Yom Kippur. I am further so thankful for the Go Fund Me page in his memory. People in my shul came over to me, saying they contributed even though they didn’t know Ari, because they read all my posts and went to search our this Lion of Zion to see what his short life was about. And, my when my friends as far as Arizona and St. Petersburg, Russia, posted about the devastating loss, I was surprised to learn they also knew Ari because of his strong Israel advocacy on the web. Ari reached the entire world— and that world now joins the Fuld family in mourning the passing of this great tzadik of our generation.

I hope , Miriam, that I can visit you in person when I’m in Israel. Ari made many of us feel like family so, like it or not, you’re probably stuck with a bunch of us who now think we’re related to you and need to check in on the family and bring you khallot or something before Shabbat, lol! I’d love to post my picture with Ari, but don’t see how to do it here. But it’s on my FB page.

Lastly, I believe we say המקום ינחם because at times like this, no human can really console a family who has sustained such a great loss— only God can comfort you. I pray you are comforted along with the rest of us— the mourners of Zion. Let redemption come to Zion, and so it should be God’s will. ובא לציון גואל וכן יהי רצון.

Aliza Goldman

Shaanan Scherer Wrote on on September 21, 2018 20:37:

this is long as it was the Yom Kippur Drasha I gave at my Shul in Thornhill, Canada.

Monday August 20th, 2018 just under a month ago. I was with Avraham Kleiman, his grandson Matthew, Andrew Perlmuter and his son Noah. I was guiding them for a two week trip in Israel. It was an amazing trip. I love my job as an Israel tour guide, it is an incredible zechut to experience tours in Israel with so many amazing Jewish people. This trip was special as the five of us are all neighbors, all members of this shul. On that morning, we went to Hevron to daven at Mearat Hamachpela where the Avot and Imahot are buried. It was the only time I have taken a group on a trip where we covered all four of the holy cities: Jerusalem, Safed, Tiveriah and Hevron in one trip.

We went to Gush Etzion for the afternoon. We walked on Derech Avot, the path that Avraham took Yitzchak on his way from Beer Sheva to Jerusalem for the Akeda. We opened up the tanach and it came to life as we were literally following the footsteps of Avraham and Yitzchak Avinu. Then we went to the Lone Tree, the symbol of Gush Etzion where there is a memorial for the fighters there who died in 1948. Most people think that Yom HaZikaron is the day before Yom Haatzmaut in order so that there is a dramatic shift from sadness to joy. But that is not the case. The reason Yom Hazikaron is on dalet iyar is because it was the worst day for the Jewish fighters in the War of Independence. On that day 127 defenders who had already surrendered to the Jordanians but were then massacred as their hands were up unarmed. DBG almost gave up on everything when he heard the news that Gush Etzion fell, but somehow got his act together and declared the birth of the Jewish State of Israel the next day.

After paying our respects to the ‘48 fighters at the Lone Tree, we volunteered at the Pina Chama which is a place where the community members volunteer their time to feed the IDF soldiers. We spent an hour there and gave out mostly slurpees to the soldiers doing shmira, guard duty at the intersection. We were planning to go ATVing at 4 pm, but then I got a text that we can only go at 5:30 pm.

We were in Gush Etzion and had 90 minutes which was unplanned. So, we first did some grocery shopping at the Rami Levi. I love that place because it demonstrates an amazing coexistence between Jews and Arabs. Politics aside, both want to buy eggs, bread, milk and humus and even better when they are on sale. One can see the lies of Apartheid and BDS as Muslim Arabs enjoy a high quality of life when cooperating with the Israeli people. Arabs walk and shop freely whereas a Jewish person walking in an Arab city a few kilometers away would be instantly killed in the streets. Afterwards, I remembered that a park was built in memory of the 3 teenage boys who had been kidnapped and murdered in 2014. I was told it is a very inspirational place. So we drove there next. I had never been there before, though I know the area very well. We were about a ten minute walk from where I learned and lived in Kollel for 3 years at Yeshivat Hamivtar under Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. We drove to the park called Gan Oz VeGaon which is an acronym for Eyal, Gilad and Naftali zichronam l’vracha. We got out of our car and saw a bunch of soldiers and one other small group of tourists. It was an American family and they had a very tall, loud tour guide with a big gun. I saw the other guide and approached him to get a few tips on the site before we walked around the park. I knew the story about the place but needed some tips on some basic things where are the bathrooms, any highlights to point out... When I saw him, I said to him “ you look very familiar”. I don’t know why he was familiar to me at the time, I felt like I knew him well, but I didn’t know why at all.

Now, after the horrible news that came out on Sunday I know why he was so familiar to me. I had no idea on August 20th that I was meeting a legend, a tzaddik, a true hero of gush etzion and am yisrael Ari Fuld z’’l.

I’m sure we all heard by now that Ari Fuld who was an Israel advocate, a teacher, a husband a father of four was killed by a seventeen year old whose mind was poisoned by the hatred that is being brainwashed into the minds of the Palestinian youth. After Ari was stabbed several times, he miraculously continued to chase after the terrorist, jumped over a ledge, shot him to stop other victims, fell down, told others he was OK, and then took his last breath. He died as he lived, defending the Jewish people.

We chatted and shared a bit with each other what we both do. He was ready to leave with his group but then he realized that the five of us were there and I, the guide was not sure how to get the most out of this incredible park. He walked out of his way to the shul that is built in the forested park to show me how to get the DVD to play. The DVD tells the story of the tragedy of the 3 boys and the building of the park. Ari looked at me and said, “this place was a dump a few years ago! After the 3 boys were killed right over there as he pointed to me the intersection, the Jewish youth from all over Israel came here to build in there memory. Look how amazing the Jewish people are, they destroy and we build! That is the story of this place!” It was clear to me that this was a message of truth and that was his purpose in life was to speak the truth. He was passionate about it and in my encounter with him he gave up his own time to share more of his passion with other Jews.

We carried on with our day, went ATVing in the beautiful mountains and made our way back to Jerusalem. The next day we hiked up Masada, floated on the Dead Sea and were supposed to go to Ein Gedi but because the heat was so extreme we went to a shadier nature reserve with closer access to water called Einot Tzukim. It is a beautiful oasis in the desert and is the lowest nature reserve in the world. It was filled with Israelis enjoying the cool, fresh water in the hot desert. I saw Ari again, two days in a row. He was swimming and had the biggest smile on his face. He loved being among other Jewish people in a beautiful site in the Jewish homeland. He honestly looked like he was living in Olam Habah. And the look in his face that he gave me showed it all.

You know sometimes you meet people and your first impression is like ‘this guy is awesome, what an amazing guy!’ That was what it was like meeting Ari. I became one of the tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Jews and non Jews, lovers of Israel worldwide who were inspired by him.

It was not on the itinerary to go to gan oz vegaon nor einot tzukim, I didn’t plan to go to either places where I met Ari. I understand that there was a reason to be at both places.

I have hardly slept since Sunday. I have been addicted to facebook, watching videos of Ari, the funeral, friends and family of his sharing eulogies… I have been feeling partially numb as it is too much to truly understand that I accidentally met a Kadosh who died defending Am Yisrael.

Parashat Chukat is a rather sad parasha as both Miriam and Aharon die in that parasha. Rashi is bothered both times why are their deaths juxtaposed with the law of the red cow for Miriam and the laws of the clothing of the High Priest for Aharon. In both cases, the answer is given that just like the Parah Aduma and the clothes of the cohanim are kapara, atonement for the Jewish people, so too is the death of a tzadik.

Rav Kook writes on Parashat Chukat that a Tzadik is larger than life. When a Tzadik dies, there is a spiritual and moral awakening that takes place. When more people become aware of their great nobility of spirit, then do we hear more reports of their selfless deeds and extraordinary sensitivity and we are inspired to emulate their ways. In this way, the positive impact of the tzaddik as inspiring role models increases after their death.

Rav Kook continues, “While stories of their fine traits and good deeds stir us to follow in their path, certain aspects of great tzaddikim are beyond the capabilities of most people to emulate. In such matters, the best we can do is take upon ourselves to promote these qualities in our spiritual leadership by supporting their causes.

Rav Ari Fuld’s cause was Emet. He fought to spread the truth about Medinat Yisrael. The Jewish people are not occupiers, there is no Apartheid rather after 2000 years of persecution we have returned home again. The land Israel acquired in 1967 was in response to the Arab world calling on the destruction of Israel. The most influential book in the world, the Tanach offers historical evidence that the Jewish people were in the land of Israel long before Muhammed was alive. This was Ari’s cause. This was his Emet.

The rabbis teach that the gematria of HaSatan, the Devil is 364. This is because the Satan is active 364 days of the solar year, all days but today YK. We are also taught that the blasting of the shofar is done in a manner to confuse the Satan. The purpose of the Satan is to construe the truth, to misguide one from what is correct. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m sure that somehow the gematria of HaSatan also equals politically correct. Ari’s brother, Hillel said in an interview simply “Ari didn’t do politically correct”. We need to emulate Ari’s way of always being a mentsh but speaking the truth without compromise, without being politically correct as it is filled with falsehood.

The word Emet is discussed in the Gemara. Emet is composed of Alef, Mem and Taf. The first, middle and last letters of the Alef Bet. The gemara states that all three of these letters stand on their own. The opposite of Emet is Sheker. This word is made of some of the last letters of the aleph bet and none of these letters stand on their own. The message is that truth endures and lies fade away. Ari’s messages of truth which you can find easily all over facebook and youtube and other social media will endure, and the lies of the enemies will fade away.

Moshe Rabbenu embodied Emet, whereas his brother Aharon embodied Shalom. Emet is not comfortable, it’s not always what we want to hear, it’s often not what is most popular. That is why Aharon was more beloved than Moshe. Nevertheless Moshe was the one who was closest to Hashem and gave the Torah to the world. May we be inspired from Ari to speak more truth in this world. Truth about the Torah, about Israel and not let PC and other falsehood stand in our way.

One of the most influential books I have read in my life I read when I was a student at Aish in Jerusalem back in ‘98. The book is called History of the Jews by Paul Johnson. Paul Johnson is not Jewish, yet throughout the book is in in awe of the Jewish People. I’ll share just one quote of his with you:
“No people has ever insisted more firmly than the Jews that history has a purpose and humanity a destiny.” Jews stand right at the centre of the perennial attempt to give human life the dignity of a purpose.”
We are blessed to be Jewish, to have the True Torah as our source of wisdom and purpose in life.

The letters of the word Emet teaches us the two most basic truths in life. We all come from our mothers: Em, and we will all one day, die: Met. Mem is the transition letter between birth and death. It’s numerical value is 40. B’nei Yisrael were in the desert for 40 years, Moshe was up on Har Sinai for 40 years, the flood of Noah’s generation was forty days, forty is a common number in the tanach as it represents transition, change, teshuva. Ari was only 45 years old. He was taken too early, only in the transitional stage in life.

It is very sobering when such tragedies occur right before Yom Kippur. The holiest day of the year when we stop for 25 hours and reflect on who we are and how we can improve. When I was writing this Monday night at 2 am after feeling guilty about wasting so much time on facebook watching one video about Ari after another. I realized that God forbid, this is not wasting time at all. This is not only a way to honor Ari’s memory, but this is the best mussar I can get. This is giving me inspiration to be more like Ari was.

No one ever gave a eulogy at a funeral and honestly glorified his memory by saying that this man was really wealthy, or he drove the nicest cars, wore the most expensive clothes or enjoyed the best vacations with his family. These are not inherently bad things, but they are not what life is about and therefore materialism can be enjoyed as great pleasures we deserve, but it is not something we should be pursuing as our goals in life!

It is after a tragedy like the act of terror a few days ago that makes us reflect deeply as we face the truth about what makes a life worthwhile. We catch a glimpse of what live on after us, what people will remember us for, what difference we make in the brief span of years that is all God gives us.

Ari was a proud Jew. May we all follow in his path and be proud Jews. May we have the strength to show that pride through Torah study, mitzvah observance, caring for our community, supporting Israel, supporting Jewish education for the next generation, being the best Jews we all can be. May we prioritize our limited time we call life to focus on what really matters: relationships, marriage, the family, community, celebrating, giving thanks, being part of a tradition and its wisdom. And with that pledge for 5779, may we all merit to be inscribed in the book of life.

Shaanan Scherer Wrote on on September 21, 2018 20:29:

I did not know Ari Fuld z'l well, but I had a special experience with him only 3 weeks ago.
I was guiding a group and took them to the new park in Gush Etzion dedicated to the 3 teenagers killed in 2014, called Gan OzVeGaon. I saw Ari there and he was also guiding a group. We started chatting and he was very friendly, warm and happy to hear about the simple fact that Jews are visiting Israel. It was my first time at the park, so I asked him to tell me briefly about the place. He went out of his way to explain the site, to show me the Shul built there and he played the DVD in memory of the 3 boys for us.
I thought it was strange that he was taking time out of his group to help me and my group. Though, I realized that he had just finished guiding his group there and was so passionate about the place that he wanted to share about it with more Jews.
He said to me: "Do you know what this place is? This place was a garbage dump a few years ago. Then after the boys were killed, Jewish youth all over Israel came and built this stunning place with their own hands in their memory! The terrorists killed 3 of our boys, and we respond by building! This place is amazing! The Jewish people never give up!" His love for Am Yisrael was infused in every word.
I saw him the next day by the Dead Sea as we were both guiding our respective groups. We were in a beautiful nature reserve called Einot Tzukim and he was swimming, when I saw him again, he was glowing with joy as he was enjoying the beauty of Eretz Yisrael. His love for The Land was so evident.
Another hero of Gush Etzion. Ari is walking The Derech Avot L'Maala with the 3 boys, Ezra Schwartz, Rabbi Yaakov Don and so many other tzaddikim z''l.

Victor Muslin Wrote on on September 21, 2018 20:11:

I met Ari just a few months ago on February 24, 2018 when he came to NYC to raise funds for his wonderful organization. He was passionate and persuasive. One could instantly tell how much he cared for Israel and for the IDF soldiers. After this I started listening to some of his podcasts and found them extremely enlightening.

I was shocked to open my Facebook one morning to read about his murder by a Palestinian terrorist. This particularly resonated with me because my own father passed away just days before, on September 12th. During my father's service the rabbi said that those who die during Jewish high holidays are considered to be particularly righteous. I know this applies to both Ari and my father.

I am heartened to see that the Trump administration recognizes the heinous nature of the crime and is taking important steps to ensure that incentive for terrorism is minimized. Ari saved Jewish people while he was alive, during his final ordeal and he continues saving them even after he is no more.

Ari was a staunch and unapologetic defender of the Jewish people. A true lion. He lived as a hero and he died as a hero. May his memory and his family be blessed.


P.S. It would be nice if people were able to also upload their photos of and with Ari.

Marc Katzman Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:53:

I remember growing up with the Fulds in Hillcrest. I am the same age as Hillel. Ari recently came to Great Neck to raise funds for the Lone Soldier fund. We all enjoyed his presentation at the Chosen Island restaurant. I also remember Ari giving a talk at Netiv Aryeh in Nov 2007, coinciding with my visit. He spoke about getting hit in the back with shrapnel and being in the elite forces of IDF. He was a true modern hero and we will never forget him and the tremendous good he did in this world. He was a living kiddush Hashem. I think Ari represented the ideal Jewish person, something we all strive to be. I pray his family can thrive despite this tragedy and I hope they can find some consolation in my words.

Nancy Goodman Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:33:

Dear family of Ari Fuld, HY"D,

First of all there are just no adequate words to describe the pain of Ari's tragic, senseless death.
I have cried over many victims of terror, but Ari's death, HY"D affects me more personally as his aunt, Chaya (Fuld) Passow, is a dear friend.
My heart aches for Ari's family who it seems lost an incredible father, husband, son, brother etc. and for his friends, all of whom seem to have loved him dearly.
My heart aches for myself, because the causes that were important to Ari, are important to me, and he was a fierce fighter for the Jewish people and our land.
And finally my heart aches for the Jewish People as a whole because all Jews lost someone who cared and acted strongly in our defense.
I am sure that he will continue to advocate for us all from above, but the pain of him no longer being among the living is very deep.

HaMakom yinachem etchem b'toch sha'ar ahvaylay Tziyon v'Yerushalayim.

Nechama Goodman

Frank Storch Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:32:

Upon hearing the news on Sunday, my wife and I were shocked and grief-stricken by the tremendous loss of such a dynamic person who gave his all to help Klal Yisroel. Although we didn’t know him personally, many of my close friends who did can attest to his passion and dedication to Torah and Eretz Yisroel. We were so moved by this giant of a man that on Monday we decided to dedicate the building in the back of our house, which houses the shul Ohr Simcha, in Ari’s memory. This dedication should continue to elevate the neshama of this true tzaddik of our times.

Frank and Danielle Sarah Storch

Copy on plaque-
This building is dedicated in loving memory of
Ari Fuld, הי"ד
ארי יואל

Terror victim Ari Fuld sanctified Hashem in life and in death. His relentless advocacy, defense, and love of the Jewish people, Torah, and Eretz Yisroel exhibited the heroism he lived every single day and even in his last breath.

With the strength of a lion, Ari unleashed his unyielding passion to defend the right of every Jew to live in their homeland. He fought evil and lies not only with the physical strength in his body, but with his mind, mouth, and neshama.

Larger than life, he ran towards danger instead of away from it and ensured the safety of those around him.

His mission, strength, and exemplary character are his legacy which serves as an inspiration for his family and all of Klal Yisroel.

נרצח ז' תשרי לשנת תהא שנת עולם טהור
September 16, 2018

Marla Rothwachs Schick Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:30:

I spent several summers with the Fuld Family in both Camp Tagola and Camp Hillel. I was a mother's helper for the Yudin and Fuld family watching both Penina and Eytan. At that time Ari was a busy kid running around with the same energetic vigor that he seems to have displayed throughout his life and death. Ari always had a spark about him. He was not exactly (at least from a babysitter prospective) a rule follower but he always had a clever way to resolve issues often making the adults around laugh. Ari was super friendly even as a young kid and always made everyone feel warm, welcome and valued. It has been too many years since I have seen him but I have learned so much in the past few days about his life. I am so saddened by this tragedy and wish you and the entire family nechama during this time. Ari's message will not be forgotten. It has been imprinted on the lives of so many all across the globe.

Peter Beninger Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:24:

Dear Fuld family,
I followed all of Ari's posts on facebook, and over time I felt like I knew him as a friend. This was a person who made the world a better place for us all. As a Christian Zionist living in France, I felt that Ari had my back in some way. If any of you ever want to come to visit us, our house and our hearts are open to you. I will be returning to Israel in 2019, I would so much like to meet you. Please accept our sincere wish that you never lack for anything, having already given so much.

Stewart Kelly Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:17:

Sadly, I only knew Ari from his Youtube videos and interviews but even so he always had this infectious smile and joy that always came through. Whether stopping a teaching on Torah to bless a family member, tell someone he was debating to start tell the truth, sharing his excitement visiting an ancient Synagogue in Hebron, or his own tale of a food truck finding him and his hungry, exhausted comrades on the Lebanon border, Ari always made you feel like part of his life and his family. I wish I had the chance to meet him in this world. Ari was like a brother I wished I always had and his presence will be sorely missed. I pray our G_d of all comfort, mercy and love grants his family a special blessing and sense of His presence during this difficult time.

Ido Dubrawsky Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:14:

I never had the chance to meet Ari personally but I was connected to him through Facebook. I first learned about him from his work with Standing Together 24/7 where he learned that my son, Isaac, was a lone soldier serving in the Tzanchanim. He went with Standing Together 24/7 and they brought pizza and ice cream to his unit on two separate occasions. I cannot stop thinking about his amazing drive to help IDF soldiers and yet he also had the time to advocate so strongly for Israel. I knew that he was planning to come to the US in November on speaking tour and was going to propose that he come to Silver Spring and speak at our shul. I am so sorry that he is gone so soon - he was such a strong voice for Israel, Torah, and for Tzion that his loss will be sorely missed. May we all learn from his example to stand proud as Jews, and as Israelis and follow his example.

Joy Erdile Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:10:

I never met Ari, but he knew me by name from several years of me following him on Facebook. He challenged me and one of my 3 sons to be better Jews, more knowledgeable Zionists and to challenge the seemingly "little" things like references to "the West Bank" — Judea and Samaria, the politically correct term "Palestinian" — no, simply Arab or Arab-settlers, and to use the Hebrew name for any area within the Land G-d gave us. He taught me to think of the needs of the soldiers that defend Israel — from sufganiot to ice packs for their necks. He inspired us to have the Israeli flag on display in our house and to "talk politics" even when politically incorrect... or maybe ESPECIALLY when politically incorrect. He reminded us that we are no longer "ghetto Jews", that we have a homeland and a language (which my son and I are are still learning). We wear stars of David with pride and no longer live our Jewishness behind closed doors. Most importantly, my son, who grew up with a role model said to me "Ari embodied everything I want to be... a Jew passionate about Torah, a Godly husband and father, a man who defends his Land and who sees needs and meets them". My son didn't have this in a father, but he witnessed it from a distance in Ari. My son will be a better man because of Ari. I am heartbroken for your loss yet am amazed to see your strength and boldness in these last few days. May G-d comfort you among the mourners of Zion HYD

Avril Singer Wrote on on September 21, 2018 19:04:

Dear Fuld Family,

My daughter and son in law (Jonathan and Jodi Lifschitz)are friends with Hillel.
They actually used to live in Efrat and have a photo of Ari at my grandsons Bris.
I live in Canada and Jodi was most disturbed by the tragic passing of Ari. Both Jonathan and Jodi attended the funeral.
They encouraged us to watch the moving online funeral service which we did, crying along with everyone else.
We are so touched by Ari's tragic death, but there is something that strikes me as as being so powerful- that of Ari's courage and love of Eretz Yisrael.
From watching the funeral I am in awe of the strength and courage of his family speaking on the day of his death with such love and determination. (I should also mention that Jodi was the teacher of the daughter who spoke at the funeral)
Today marks the 55th Yorsteit of my father- he passed away when I was 8 years old. His memory lives with me forever, So too, Ari's memory will live not only with the family but with all the lives of the thousands of people whom he touched!
Wishing you all strength!
Avril Singer

Eli Edelstein Wrote on on September 21, 2018 18:14:
To the Fuld family: I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband, father, brother, son, Ari.
May his memory forever be a blessing and may your family continue in his legacy and know of only happy times.
Wishing you a chag sameach and shabbat shalom,
Elisheva Edelstein

CHARLOTTE FRIEDMAN Wrote on on September 21, 2018 18:11:

Our gentle giant is gone ???? but his lions roar must go on.
I knew and said a giant walked amung us the minute I heard the shocking news. I’m still in a dream, because it is hard for a normal mind to obsorb this. But sadly I am not surprised at all because his voice of truth radiated to all 4 corners of the world. In days of deception that much light, love and truth can upset the dark side.
I was to meet Ari when he was in New York but I had the worst flue. We spoke on several ovations and his eminence light poured right through. I kept kept smiling and crying because he touched me so deeply. Everything he did was for the IDF , for God , The Jewish people and the land. My heart grew each time I heard him and my heart shrank each time he told us about a real injustice that others did not publish. WE ISRAELIS have a famous saying ZE MA YESH ( that’s what we have) but Ari never said Ze Ma Yesh Ari Always said if it is too easy you are not doing it right???? It has been a week since Ari was taken from us. But the world will never forget our gentel lion who walked his talk every step of the way.
I know Ari came to us from the light and was returned to the light. But we here on earth will miss him deeply and were priviladged to know Ari Fuld ❤️

Lainie Freedman Wrote on on September 21, 2018 18:05:

Dear Miriam & Family,

There are no words that can convey our sorrow of your great loss.
I only discovered after, how far and wide Aris influence reached around the world.
Even though all the love coming in wont ever bring him back, we hope it will encourage others to follow in his footsteps and carry on this important work.

I feel a little less safe with him gone.

We hold all of you, the Fulds and the Loechers, especially, Miriam, Tamar, Naomi, Yakir & Natan, in our hearts and we mourn with you.

Sending prayers that you should have no more sorrow.


Lainie, Brad, Leah & Namir

Dahlia Berman Wrote on on September 21, 2018 18:02:

Rabbi Fuld was one of my rabbis in seminary at Baer miriam.
I looked forward to his classes everyday. He taught us derech Hashem and mesilas yesharim - my husband and I are now learning mesilas yesharim together in his memory. I will never forget all that rabbi Fuld has taught me and what an impression he made on my life. I am a different person than what I would have been because of Rabbi Fuld. I came to you guys for shabbos once and it was such a special and nice shabbos and we had an awesome time . I am so fortunate to have known and spent time with him and to have learned so much from him.
Sending love to the whole family. Keep staying strong

Leslie & Robert Cooper Wrote on on September 21, 2018 15:23:

On the way to La Guardia Airport in NYC on Sunday early morning, Leslie and I received a call from one of her sisters that our brother-in-law, Ari Fuld, was stabbed by a terrorist in Israel and died. Google his name and you will see dozens of stories. Thousands of people came to the memorials and funeral on Sunday evening. Tens of thousands have expressed how Ari positively affected their lives.

Days later as I write this, Leslie is still at a loss for words amidst the enormity of this tragedy, so I will share a message from me that is, in fact, from both of us:

Ari was the husband of Leslie’s second oldest sister, Miriam. I knew him well over many years: he was truly a kind soul, great husband and father of four, grandson of a Holocaust survivor, and a fearless crusader for helping his nation and people in general. He welcomed me into Leslie’s big family with zero reservations even though I was a non-Jew. Ari and I related on a number of levels: his background as sergeant in an Israeli paratrooper unit and my background as a sergeant in the U.S. Marines (from different eras and places of war, but with a heartfelt brotherhood that comes from that service); as long-time martial arts instructors and practitioners; as men with very different backgrounds yet a common bond in how deeply we cared about the well-being of our families and the protection of innocent people who cannot protect themselves.

I will always remember the passionate perspectives Ari shared with me on his beliefs in the history and relevance of Israel, about what he believed was right in caring about other people, in how he could wholeheartedly celebrate family events and get-togethers, and in how he and I related in our shared hope for greater truth and peace in the larger world. I will always remember times when we visited Israel and were together and he would ask me to have his back in case danger arose. But I wasn’t there this past Sunday--yet in hearing the terrible news I wished with all my heart that I had been.

His mortal wounds came from a premeditated cowardly attack by a Palestinian terrorist with a long knife, waiting on video camera in the shadows and then rushing and stabbing Ari twice through the back while it appears Ari was holding the groceries and checking his phone for messages from his children. His response to being blindsided was pure Ari: as the surveillance cameras show: with his aorta severed and blood/life pouring out of him, he drew his handgun and chased his attacker more than a block, jumped a small stone wall, and shot the terrorist before he could cut down the next victim (a woman shop-owner the assassin was chasing while she was trying to run away screaming “Terrorist!”), before Ari collapsed on the sidewalk. These final moments of Ari’s selfless daring are unforgettable.

Leslie and I spent most of last Sunday evening talking with the grieving family, and watching the livestream video of the funeral with most of Leslie’s and Ari’s families there.

Another difficult turn in life’s big highway. We will miss Ari.

I wanted you to know about him at least through my eyes and heart.

In the wake of this terrible tragedy, the bigger question to us all is what comes next: How do we live our lives forward in a better way because of knowing Ari and what he stood for and died for?

Robert and Leslie Cooper

Daniel Loecher Wrote on on September 21, 2018 13:52:
Our Ari with the heart and passion of a lion.
You left us with a whole lot of self soul searching and a place to greatly improve ourselves.
May we learn from you that sometimes you gotta follow your heart because that is the only food for our soul.

Please watch over us and continue to fight for Israel, we need all the help possible.

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