Guardians of the Mountain - Golani 810

Emergency Campaign

Shalom to my fellow Americans. 

As you all know, the situation in Israel is tense as could be, and the stakes are high. We are fighting for our very nation’s existence, and the soldiers of the IDF are ready and willing to protect our people and homeland at all costs. 

Due to the mass enlistment of reservists, there is severe shortage of goods and gear around the entire army, we are doing our best to put together the proper amenities needed by our own means. Therefore, we are reaching out to you for a helping hand, hoping we can put together funds to purchase quality military utilities to help ensure our unit perform as professional as possible on the frontlines. 

We thank you in advance for the help, and god willing with it we will be able to declare our beautiful homeland safe and sound once again. 

With much appreciation and love, 

The soldiers of Golani 810

The Ari Fuld Project is a registered Amuta (NGO) in Israel ID# 580672897 (with Tofes 46)

and a registered 501(c)(3) charity in the US: 83-3571366

For large donations, or donations by check, please contact us directly.