Dear friends of Ari,

Currently, Beit Knesset Zayit Raanan in Efrat, the shul which Ari helped build and where he davened, is in the process of building the

The Ari Fuld Beit Midrash in Ari's honor.

Help us and Ari's community complete this wonderful project where Torah will be taught every day in Ari's memory.


Ari Fuld's First

Memorial and Dedication Ceremony

Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019

Ari Fuld's Dream


Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019


Yom Ari 

An annual education day about Ari Fuld and his life's work.


This project will create and distribute educational materials and other learning resources for teaching students on Yom Ari. 

Note to Educators: Contact us if you would like your school, yeshiva or seminary to participate.

The Video Archive

Ari produced thousands of videos about Israel on Social Media. These videos will be downloaded, archived, tagged and stored in an online, searchable database.

This project will allow anyone in the world to search for a subject, location or interview from Ari's many videos. 

The Parsha Project

Every week Ari published a new video on the Parsha. These videos will be transcribed and turned into weekly Parsha pamphlets, and eventually a book.

This project, our most important one, will spread Ari's Torah teachings beyond its original internet audience, making them more accessible to the general public. 

About The Ari Fuld Project

During the Second Lebanon War, Ari Fuld, who served in an elite IDF reserves paratrooper unit was miraculously saved from death - only because he ran into the field of fire to rescue his fellow wounded soldiers and brought them to safety. 

After that life-changing moment, Ari completely rededicated his life to defending Israel and the Jewish people, helping IDF soldiers, and teaching others about the beauty and depths of Judaism...


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