Projects to continue Ari's mission and legacy.

Yom Ari 

An annual education day about Ari Fuld and his life's work.


This project will create and distribute educational materials and other learning resources for teaching students on Yom Ari. 

Note to Educators: Contact us if you would like your school, yeshiva or seminary to participate.

The Video Archive 

Ari produced thousands of videos about Israel on Social Media. These videos will be downloaded, archived, tagged and stored in an online, searchable database.


This project will allow anyone in the world to search for a subject, location or interview from Ari's many videos. 

The Parsha Project

Every week Ari published a new video on the Parsha. These videos will be transcribed and turned into weekly Parsha pamphlets, and eventually a book.


This project, our most important one, will spread Ari's Torah teachings beyond its original internet audience, making them more accessible to the general public.

Supporting Soldiers

One of Ari's favorite activities was visiting combat soldiers in the field and providing them with food, drink, and even gloves in the winter.


This project will help show support to IDF soldiers.

Kitat Konenut

Ari raised money for equipment for Efrat's Counter-Terrorist Unit (Kitat Konenut) of which he was a long-standing fighter.


This project will help fund needed equipment for various Kitat Konenuts in Israel.


On many a cold night, Ari would stand guard on Efrat's Eitam Hill as it was being developed.


This project will help support pioneers and their projects as they turn barren hilltops in Judea & Samaria into the next thriving farms and neighborhoods.

Advocacy Education

Ari strongly believed that the best way to effectively defend Israel and the Jewish people is through a deep understanding of Jewish values, Torah and history.  


This project will train the next generation of Jewish activists, as well as the average Jewish student, with the basic tools they need to defend Israel.


To Be Announced.

Vision for the Future:


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